Physiology and the Orange Essay

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Next, my mind skips to Morocco where I washed my hands in orange-scented water before eating in the traditional fashion of shared trays of food taken up in the fingers and skillfully -- or in my case, not so skillfully -- popped into the mouth. I remember that I brought home a small vial of the orange oil; it still sits on a shelf where I see it when I pass and think simultaneously of the excitement of the trip and the many small places and manners in this culture that create an oasis for the mind. My academic orientation inserts itself here, and I remember that aromas are associated with long-term memory and emotions, apparently since the olfactory system appears to be linked to the hippocampus and the limbic system.

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After this brief, but very rich mental detour, I return to the task of opening and tasting the orange. Taking apart the orange segments is messy work, particularly since I cannot see what I am doing. I am conscious of the sticky juice running along the sides of my hands and beginning to soak into the cloth napkin that I had the foresight to place on my lap. I finally allow myself to taste the orange. It does not disappoint. This is a sweet and juicy orange. I remember that when I selected the orange -- with my eyes open -- I was guided by some family lore that a smooth skinned orange tends to be juicier than an orange with a thick and rough skin. I have very little data to back up this notion, but in this instance, it seems to be a probable association. At this point, I recognize that my cerebrum (particularly the occipital lobes and the parietal lobes) is imposing judgments on my sensory experiences, tending to prefer patterns and wrapping up the experience in a packet for later reference.


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TOPIC: Essay on Physiology & the Orange as Assignment

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