Picture the Flame Arrives at City Hall Assessment

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Flame Arrives at City Hall

The image is a picture of the Olympic flame traveling to the London City Hall on Themes River. It was published by ITN News on July 27, 2012. The author is unknown. There are no arguments about the event. As security, was tight and the route strictly controlled throughout the affair. ("Good Reasons") ("Olympic Ring")

Analyze the Content

Who is the author?

The author is unknown. The arguments presented are to show the significance of the events that are unfolding. This motivated them to take the picture. In order to tell the world about how London is hosting the Olympics. ("Good Reasons") ("Olympic Ring")

Who is the audience?

The photo is directed at general, mainstream audiences. The occasion and forum helps to instill a sense of excitement about what is happening. This is building up the momentum to the start of the London Games and their lasting legacy. ("Good Reasons") ("Olympic Ring")

What is the larger conversion?

The pictures first appeared online starting on July 27, 2012. There were no arguments other than the assumed references drawn from looking at the photograph. The other cultural conversation that is being analyzed include: the Olympic Games and how London is hosting it for the first time since 1948. ("Good Reasons") ("Olympic Ring")

Step 3 Analyze the Text

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TOPIC: Assessment on Picture the Flame Arrives at City Hall Assignment

The main point of the argument is to illustrate how this is a momentous event that is occurring. Moreover, it is highlighting the importance of the Olympic flame's arrival and the way it signals… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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