Essay: Piracy and Copyright Infringement

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[. . .] The University of Washington offers students guidance regarding the illegality of downloading music and movies without permission. After reviewing how easily available music and movies are through file sharing software technologies, the University points out that the user may be downloading material that is "…protected by copyright laws" and that means the user could become "mired in legal issues" (UofW). Moreover, the user may download a virus on the file-sharing software and may even "facilitate a security breach" -- which can have serious ramifications.

The other issue regarding use of file sharing is that "you may unknowingly allow others to copy private files you never intended to share," the university explains. Are students that download copyrighted material currently being prosecuted? The University of Washington reports that the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is presently sending letters to colleges and universities "pointing to specific alleged instances of illegal file sharing," the university explains. The letter is titled "Pre-Settlement" and the RIAA requests that the university forward the letter to the student that the RIAA identifies as "being associated with the activity."

The Pre-Settlement letter gives the alleged offender "a specified number of days" to settle up with the RIAA by going to a website and paying between $3,000 and $5,000, but "sometimes considerably more," the University of Washington explains.


Not only is downloading copyrighted movies and music illegal in most cases, it can become expensive. But any student that knowingly downloads music and movies that are copyrighted is opening the door for the financial punishment that may well be in their future.

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