Piranesi on Architecture: Argument Term Paper

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The "devoid of artistic originality" is exemplified in such quotations as:

"Tell me, please, what are [Greek] columns supposed to represent? According to Vitruvius, they originate from the forked sticks placed at the corner of the huts; according to other, they are the trunks that support the roof. And what is the meaning of the flutes? Vitruvius thinks that they represent the pleats in the robes of Roman matrons. This means that the columns do not imitate forked sticks or trees but rather women supporting a roof."[footnoteRef:4] [4: Source given by customer -- Thoughts on Architecture by Giovanni Battista Piranesi (Translation by Michaels Nonis and Mark Epstein) ]

This quotation proves Piranesi's belief that Roman architecture is much more realistic and much more imitative of life. When he compares Roman architecture to pleats in the robes of Roman women, he is comparing a column with something that he has seen in life; whereas for him, Greek architecture is simple and almost as devoid of life as a tree (symbolically speaking), Roman architecture is full of life, and in fact, mirrors life.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Piranesi on Architecture: Argument and Assignment

Through his essay, Piranesi thus describes and successfully argues for the realism, the ornateness, the "life" in Roman architecture and, one would say, quite…
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