plan for lifelong learning Essay

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By having goals documented, and a process by which they are regularly reviewed, it is easier to hold myself accountable.

The objectives need to be reasonable (I think they are) and they need to be measurable (Henshaw, 2011) because unrealistic measures are going to be ignored. It is also important that I communicate my objectives and measures with somebody else. That way, that person can hold me accountable for achieving my goals in a way that I might not. If I become sidetracked, and allow myself excuses for non-performance, it will be valuable to have someone else there to hold me accountable for that. So it could be a co-worker on a similar pathway, or a significant other, but if monitoring is done by two people, that will create greater motivation.

Risk Factors

There are a number of risk factors that can pose a problem for this plan. On a personal level, this plan is heavily dependent on my ability to have a high level of personal discipline. Obviously the monitoring strategy is a big part of this, but it still comes down to my ability to manage my time and to maintain focus on these goals, and all the little tasks that go into these gaols. While I start the plan with a high level of motivation, this is a long-term plan and there may be moments where my motivation is reduced. So there is risk that I will simply let go of this strategy, if I cannot maintain my motivation or my discipline.

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One way for me to avoid this is to genuinely make the learning interesting, so that I am doing it for myself, and not for some vague sense of career advancement. This is actually one of the most important aspects of lifelong learning, is that the lifelong learner has to want it, and be inspired by learning new things and applying them to work. I am presently of that frame of mind, but it is up to me to maintain that positive attitude and just always want to keep learning, even if there are obstacles, dips in motivation or if for example I start to feel that my lifelong learning is not having the direct impact on my career that I thought it would.

Essay on plan for lifelong learning Assignment

Technology is actually another risk factor. Basically, fitting learning into my already busy life is great, but technology is evolving so quickly that it is easy to think that lifelong learning strategies alone will not allow me to keep up. As such, there is definitely the risk that I will fall behind even when I am working quickly to keep up. This is something I have to be aware of, and do my best to avoid falling behind -- or to skip over some things if I find that I have catching up to do.

Another risk factor with the strategy is actually the overload of information. There is a tremendous amount of information out there. While part of lifelong learning is to simply be open to new ideas and not so narrow-minded in my view of things, it is also important to remember that there is a lot of useless information, and never to get too bogged down or to get to focused on a single idea. Ultimately, it is important to keep one's feet moving, metaphorically, when learning. Move from one subject to another, circle back to things most useful or interesting, but be nimble and open, and never overwhelmed by the sheer volume of literature on healthcare, healthcare management, leadership or any of the other topics that are part of my lifelong learning program.


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