Planning, Assessment and Measurement Essay

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Fiber Network interface cards are available in single mode and multimode configurations that are 10/100 or 1000 Base-X transmissions speeds.


Hubs are common devices that interconnects group of users. Hubs are responsible for forwarding data packets that includes word processing documents, e-mails, spreadsheets, print requests, and graphics to other ports through workstation. The computers connected to a single or a stack of hubs share data carrying capacity or fixed bandwidth. As more computers or users are added to the segment they compete for bandwidth. This sometimes also cost loss of bandwidth to the business.


Switches provide better performance as compared to hubs since they offer dedicated bandwidth to users. Switch only forwards data packets to the intended user as directed by the information in the header. Switch establishes temporary connection between source and destination so that to insulate transmission from other ports and then ends the connection once the communication is done. Thus it saves bandwidth and allows more feasibility in terms of usage.


Routers are even smarter than hubs and switches. Routers uses complete address to determine which router should receive the packet. Routers follow the routing tables that ensure, packets are following to most efficient path. Even if one routing path fails then it chooses another alternative path to continue with the communication.

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Routers also develop links between networks that are capable of speaking different languages or computer language. These networks use different protocols including Internet Protocol (IP), AppleTalk and Internet Packet Exchange (IPX). Another plus point of routers is that it not only provides network connection within or set of buildings but may also expand up to wide area network or WAN that is all over geographically dispersed network. (Cisco Systems)

Essay on Planning, Assessment and Measurement of Assignment

Router is the latest trend in the market and so to keep up with the pace of world, we would also prefer to employ routers for the computer business. There are different switches available for the connection of fiber optics so choose the one as according to the need of business.

Cable Modems

Cable modems provide extremely fast access to the internet and also quite cheap. The cable connects in to the network interface card fixed in PC. It can provide speed up to 10 Mbps and keep connected to the internet 24 hours whereas dial up modem provides only 56 Kbps speed and one need to connect again and again.

However, cable modem shares same token and so connection is shared between multiple users therefore the performance is affected by the number of users that are online at the same time. Moreover, since the cable modem is connected with a single local area network so other users may also access to the internet. However, if computer file sharing options are turned off then it is safe.

Cable modems are faster and inexpensive as well but this service is not as widely spread as like other services so it is less viable. However, if you can wait for it to develop, then it may turn as the best service.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

DSL is high speed technology that works over twisted pair copper wires for phone lines. It provides faster transmission than ISDN service or analog modems. There are different versions of DSL. For example ADSL delivers asymmetrical data rate that is faster data travelling towards PC as compared to the way towards Internet whereas other DSL technologies provide only symmetrical data. If you choose DSL service for your business then you would have to install appropriate hardware and software for it; however the service providers arrange them as according to the setup.

Local Area Network

Local Area Network simply shares Ethernet with a pair of analog modems and servers that connects users to the internet. Users can share files and documents but can do research, email, and chat only on occasional basis through dial up internet.

This network is suitable for small a business that does not frequently require using an internet or connect to the worldwide customers. However, if the business intends to grow then it would not be able to support the functions and growing demands of customers. You can upgrade or improve the performance by using Ethernet Switches and addition of router for internet connection.

Wide Area Network

WAN connect the users and LANs that are spread over different sites. These LANs could be in different areas, cities, countries or around the world. Remote access can be made from anywhere using telephone lines. Businesses usually access internet with the same technique of remote access. A modem and router are used to connect to the ISP that connects an individual or multiple users to the internet. However speed of WAN is slower than LAN.

Usually communications within small businesses are improved between small remote offices and central office by employing wide area network. However when the needs of the business grow and the traffic volume increases, it must install future ready local networks in prior. For this purpose, now most of the businesses go for the virtual private networks since leased lines and dial up access requires more time and expenses.

Virtual Private Networks

When business expands, it requires more number of individuals and remote offices who can connect to central network so that to share information and resources electronically. Usually, private wide area networks are developed by using leased lines to connect servers and offices to support telecommuters and users. However, employing private wide area networks can become highly costly to manage. Now Virtual Private Networks are introduced as an alternative for small businesses. These networks connect users and sites to the company's main network. It is more affordable and reliable in terms of security. Moreover, it is flexible enough and sites can easily be added to it.

IP Addressing

The next step after the choice of network is to prepare an IP addressing for the network. The IP address uniquely identifies any device that is present on the IP network. IP addressing provides a base for all networks and user services and without this it would not be possible to interact with them.

IP addresses are allocated, recycled and documented for the network as according to the installed program. The program ensures unique allocation of IP addresses to each device and thus none of the device IP address conflicts with the other.

It is highly important to manage IP addresses since it plays an integral part in any corporate network. Avoiding the importance of management of IP addressing could create disaster for the company. Every networked device and application, whether emails, web connectivity or it is network printers or file storage depends on the unique IP address assignment.

There are different approaches that can be used in any business for the implementation of IP address management. Most of the companies rely on manual documentation of IP addresses. It is suitable for very small companies where there are not large numbers of devices or wireless technologies. But other businesses that need to introduce new IP-based devices from time to time; manual documentation is not a better choice. For such case, DHCP addresses are issued.

Commercial Online Businesses

The Internet is a connection between information resources of universities, businesses and institutes and thus it provides a medium for electronic trade of goods and services. But still there are number of businesses that lack their own internet connections since they believe it is something very difficult to employ in business. Actually, it is much easier now. There are number of commercial online businesses now operating in the market that provides complete services and setup the whole network for your business. Though, it costs higher in start but these services provide the best thing for your business. You may also take consultancy regarding your business through these services.

When choosing the Internet Service Provider, you must consider some important factors. These include price, support, access and other additional services. Some service providers charge the user or multiple users on basis of hourly rate or the fixed day rate. It depends on your usage that which one better suits you. Like in case of computer business that would deal via an internet to its customers would definitely need 24-hour internet service. This will take your business costs much higher due to ISP charges. Therefore, we must find the ISP that charges on basis of fixed day rate.

Network Diagram






ISP & Internet





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