Planning and Control Formulating Plans Term Paper

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This involved high levels of risks since there were no alternative job offers yet, but it was a personal problem since the conditions in the previous job were appalling. The way I solved this was to have enough saving prior to my resigning and send several applications and with that I was able to stay afloat as I encountered several interviews. The problem that involved certainty was the decision on whom to promote to be the assistant sales manger in our branch, a task that I was entrusted with. This was certain since I simply had to go the data that existed and with a formal interview, it would be easy to tell who to promote to the position based on the performance.

Using Planning and Decision Aids

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Knowledge Management (KM) is one of the central considerations of any manager in the current business world especially in the corporate world. At Bunge, the organization has effectively utilized the KM and this is not only in the way the organization equips all its offices with the tools to access information hence get knowledge but also in the way the three main components, explicit knowledge, tacit knowledge and enabling technologies are part of each individual within the organization . The explicit knowledge that involves the official documents both at the internal and external levels are often shared and this is done as frequently as it is necessary for the concerned employees. The tacit knowledge forms part of the everyday running of the organization since the organization has formed part of its culture through thus such that any employee can easily work in any branch without struggling since they have imbibed the tacit knowledge. On the enabling technologies the organization has immensely invested in this both at the hardware and the soft ware and the support system such that knowledge and information is accessed fast and easily hence keeping the entire Bunge fraternity at the forefront of information access and also the response to clients sent and received as well.

Term Paper on Planning and Control Formulating Plans Assignment

The Osborn's creative model basically is a decision making model that involves three main tenets; fact finding, idea finding and solution finding. One situation that this model would have been useful is a time when a competitor threatened to successfully take away one of the clients that I had in a far flung region but still under my jurisdiction. This model could have helped in finding the facts behind the competitor, the type and standards of goods he was intending to deliver, the possibility of the client switching and the overall effect this could have had on our organization. Once the facts were with us, we would go ahead to get suggestions from the sales team and other managers of other branches to see if they have in the past come across such situations and how they handled it. Then there would have come the final stage of selecting the most suitable solution to our circumstance.

Benchmarking is used within the organization and it pretty much follows the benchmarking process. Often, the employees are required to self-evaluate and also evaluate others also referred to as peer evaluation within the organization. There are also levels where the managers come in and the directors too. The benchmarking has worked very effectively within the organization since the parameters are often open and official.

Achieving Control in Organizations

Within Bunge, there are controls that are put in place at various levels and for varying purposes. One of the controls is the loading of orders destined for the clients stores using an order list that is finally sent automatically to the sales person and the respective manager through mail once the loading is done. This is a preventive control that is meant to eliminate the possibility of leaving out some goods ordered. The other control is the checking in system that each employee has to scan the biometrics when getting into their offices and when getting out. This is an example of machine control that is purposefully set up to prevent time wastage and fair compensation too. The other control example that is seen within the organization and used in all the branches is the grading of the produce like fruits which is left to the machine to do and package. This is an example of automation that is geared towards eradication of errors and saving on human resource as the machines operate independent of human control.

In our organization, there is more emphasis placed on the organic control methods rather than the mechanistic control methods. This is facilitated by the development of a shard culture and the open communication among the members of each branch. Indeed there is even the physical exemplification of these with the office settings that are open office systems as compared to other organizations that have closed office systems. This organic control has worked very effectively for the organization and as a manger can second it since it has enabled me to receive complains, suggestions and observations in large numbers and of great importance to the organization.


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