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¶ … Planning function of management in my High School:

While examining the planning function of management in my high school, I examined whether the school authorities have adhered to the following benchmarks. (i) Transforming national education policies into school-oriented teaching and learning goals (ii) Planning both long-term attainment of pertinent teaching and learning resources, which are inclusive of finances (ii) Charting out school curriculum, work schemes, timetables and activity schedules (iii) Preparing for the meeting of governing board, Parents' Association, employees, etc. The majority among the population recognizes the fact that the fundamental responsibility of the head of the school must be in managing the teaching & learning, which establishes the quality of education. However, it is pertinent to note that the current concerns for capacity building in the management of educational affairs at three level sie. (i) in the promotion of education in schools (ii) in the implementation of policy through the district and regional education offices (iii) in the strategy policy development in the Ministry of Education, the full spectrum of government, non-government organizations and international bodies. (The Functions of School Management)

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These concerns concentrate on the school as a social institution, which is a body by means of which the educational requirements of the youth can be fulfilled. Thus a school is a means to an end and never the end in itself. This is shown in the various roles the head of the school performs such as administrative, leadership, supervisory and managerial. There are some who make a useful division between the head as the Chief Executive and the head as the Lead Professional. The examples of activities which show the role of the head as Chief Executive are (i) establishing the mission and objectives of the school (ii) allotting the duties and responsibilities to the employees (iii) managing and supervising the activities of staff (iv) evaluating performance of school (v) maintaining working relationships among the governing board and the staff and employers.

Term Paper on Planning Function of Management in My High Assignment

An efficient Head of the School has professional competence (i) possessing wide-ranging & latest knowledge and skills, inclusive of the capability to initiate, direct, communicate and delegate. He must have Good relations & a concern for teamwork (i) maintains cordial relations with the students, employees and parents (ii) works for the development of the school through teamwork (iii) communications within the school are transparent and timely. He should also have Leadership qualities (i) creating confidence & inspiring others (ii) objectively assesses the qualities & contributions of his employees and (iii) is able to arrive at difficult decisions. (The Functions of School Management)

Legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility impacting management planning in High School:

school administrator constitutes an educational leader who promotes the success of every students and employees by ensuring the management of the organization, functioning, and resources for a secured, efficient, and successful learning settings. As regards performances, the administrator facilitates various processes and takes up activities making sure that (i) Knowledge of learning, teaching, and development of students are used in attaining management decisions. (ii) Operational measures are devised and managed to optimize opportunities for successful learning (iii) Emerging trends are identified, analyzed and applied as suitable (iv) Operational plans and procedures in order to attain the vision and objectives of the school are in place. (v) Collective bargaining and other contractual agreements connected to the school are effectively handled. (vi) The school plant, equipment, and support measures function safely, efficiently and well. (vii) There is time management to optimize the achievement of the objectives of the organization. (viii) Relevant problems and opportunities are considered (ix) The various problems are dealt with and found solutions to them in a timely way. (x) Human, financial, and material resources are aligned as per the objectives of the school. (xi) The school functions in an entrepreneurial manner in order to support in a continuous betterment. (xii) Organizational systems are continuously assessed and changed as and when the requirement arises. (xiii) Stakeholders participate in decision making affecting schools (xiv) Duty and responsibility is shared in order to maximize the levels of ownership and accountability. (xv) Efficient problem-designing and its solution skills are applied (xvi) There is effective management of conflicts (xvii) Presence of effective group processes and consensus building skills are employed. (xviii) Use of effective communication skills are made (xix) Presence of an effective technology use to handle school operations (xx) monetary resources of the school are handled in a responsible manner with efficiency and effectiveness. (xxi) A safe, clean and aesthetically pleasant environment is developed and maintained inside the school. (xxii) Maintenance of privacy and confidentiality is done regarding the school records. (Building Level Administrators)

As regards building a high ethical standards the following points were noted in the High School: (i) mandating respect, policy of non-discrimination and non-exploitation in matters of employee and student relations (ii) needing the workforce to commit and conduct them both on and off the job so as to satisfy public trust and respect for merit. (iii) Prevent conflicts of interest in both arriving at decisions and influencing them. (iv) restrict the acceptance of gifts, monies and favors (v) ban distortion or deception in District records (vi) ban on revelation or use of confidential information (vii) forbid illegal use of the district property (viii) restrict interest conflict while handling negotiations in case of future employment or consequent representation of organizations dealing with the district. (ix) Ban conducting personal business at the time of assigned District work hours. (x) Need adherence with all laws and regulations and (xi) Need good treatment and ban retaliation against those who report unethical or deceitful practices. (Ethics, Excellence and the Los Angeles Unified District School)

The school has a proper Ethics Policy in place, which contains a sequence of findings which mainly include the provisions of the existing Ethics Code and 15 additional sections. Being the training ground meant for a whole generation, the High School possesses a special opportunity and duty to impart and model ethical behavior. To accomplish this, it needs a high intensity of sensitivity to matters like integrity, responsibility, reverence and fairness. Such matters permeate all the different relations between and among the student community, parents, teachers, the support staff, administrators at the local and central levels and members of the Board of Education. Apart from that, as Government staff, the people who work for the District must have knowledge and comply with a special set of ethical needs regarding conflicts of interest, the safeguarding of private and confidential information. (Ethics, Excellence and the Los Angeles Unified District School)

As regards Corporate Social Responsibility it is regarding High School realizing and acknowledging of their broader influence on the society and integrating the social, ethical, environmental and economic values in their main decision making. Corporate Community Involvement - the systems and policies and High Schools have lined up to deliver financial and in-kind assistance as also contributions of time and expertise to the broader community attention on the social dimension and accords specific importance on employing staff in community programs. Whereas various external factors are available driving companies to take up the corporate citizenship approach, an important influencing factor of corporate citizenship has been internal to the High School. Corporate community participation policies can have an encouraging effect on a series of employee processes and results, which lead to the core of Human Resource Management i.e., is employee encouragement, morale, dedication, recruitment, prevention of attrition, development and teamwork. (Corporate Citizenship & Human Resource Management: A new tool or a missed opportunity?)

Some proof is present, nevertheless, that in spite of the significance of employees to corporate social responsibilities and practices of school, the HRM function is not contributing a major part with respect to corporate social responsibility decision making and execution among top companies. It is worthwhile… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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