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The plan also concentrates on improving relationships with all airline services serving Adelaide, and encouraging interested new airlines so that domestic and international seats can achieve increased growth.

The South Australian Tourism Plan 2015-2020 recognizes real actions that can stimulate growth. The plan notes the importance of a consumer based involvement in making decisions. It believes this will affect the way we think and our attitude, and will increase gains in every aspect of our industry to bring in more investment and effort rooted in existing chances and facts Leadership from both the business industry and Government will be important in maintaining progressive effort and focused aim at all known priority areas. Out of collaboration, five areas requiring Priority Action have been singled out, and the South Australian tourism industry intends to use these to create resounding impact that will bring a difference and increase spending by visitors. The Action Areas encompass better working relationship, supporting what is existing, promoting and recognizing the importance of tourism, increasing demand and employing events to increase visitation. Moreover, the consultations consistently pointed out that investing on infrastructure and lowering the cost of doing business would greatly improve things. The focus of the South Australian Tourism Plan 2015-2020 is therefore in line with former plans.

Response to section of the Draft South Australian Tourism Plan 2015-2020

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Yes I accept. The latest study by Deloitte on the Australian economy indicated tourism as "the best five" new current of next growth opportunity by showing its ability to create jobs and the contribution to the national economy it brings. The study included mention of existing chances and obstacles.

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Yes I accept. For example, it is important that South Australia directs its entire marketing messages to the right consumers and markets so that there is consistency all over the industry.

Research Paper on Planning for Policy of Tourism Development Assignment

Furthermore, the tourism industry in Australia is traditionally made up of various fragmented Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Out of the 18,000 tourism businesses in South Australia identified by the ABS, more than 16,000 had less than 20 employees. In order to realize the potential of growth, South Australia requires a studier and more integrated industry supported by strong leadership from all parties involved. (South Australian Tourism Plan 2015-2020).

While the last Tourist Plan was in progress in South Australia, there was increased side gains in supply and unexpected increase in both international and domestic aviation capacity apart from important infrastructural developments along the Adelaide Riverbank precinct, and at the same time the regional areas realized more upgrading and construction of fresh accommodation places on top of the benefits brought by the investments in place. (South Australian Tourism Plan 2015-2020).

The direct benefits the South Australian economy draws from the tourism industry accounts for the following: $5.1b in expenditure, direct jobs, 31000, and a further 23,000 indirect jobs. Although the degree of direct employment by the tourism industry alone is three times that of the mining industry, if you combine that of indirect employment, then this sector caters for one in every 15 employed Australians or 54,000 jobs in South Australia. (South Australian Tourism Plan 2015-2020).

Potential visitors need to be given more incentives to visit South Australia now, for one, it is already well-known because of its interesting events and festival calendar; and secondly, it is well positioned to take advantage of the existing strengths. There are quite a number of tourists who plan there holidays to South Australia specifically during major Adelaide festivals, other regional offers and the major events. (South Australian Tourism Plan 2015-2020).

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Yes I accept. If the area of Key Priority Area in 'Increased Recognition of the Value of Tourism' succeeds then it will help the development of this area because it will encourage other policy makers to favour tourism chances when making decisions (South Australian Tourism Plan 2015-2020).

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There is no disputing that growth of the tourist sector needs collaboration and integration of work amongst various stakeholders, all industry players and Government. If businesses in the sector work together, this industry can increase its stake of the national economy so as to further expand. Here, the Government, especially SATC, should play a key role in the leadership hierarchy of this plan much more in strengthening and establishing aspects of the priority areas that will stimulate the required growth. (South Australian Tourism Plan 2015-2020).

Discussion and recommendations

As seen from the many South Australia tourism plans, the main concern is the development of the tourism industry. Although there are minor variations from one plan to another, their main agenda is sustainability of this sector by laying out proper strategies.(South Australia's Strategic Plan). From the foregoing, it can be said that future plans are dependent on the existing strategies. The development agenda is to move the tourism sector forward in order to meet the 2020 goals of tourism.

Industry should strive to work more closely with state and territory governments by sharing major responsibilities particularly in leadership roles covering all important areas. This is because other government agencies and territory governments control important levers of tourism. This should also apply to other local and regional tourism organizations. More so, constant and open communication between industry and stakeholders should be maintained to align with the objectives of Tourism 2020. As indicated by Tourism 2020,realizing the 2020 Tourism Industry Potential will improve tourism's contribution to the GDP by about 50% totaling $51b. The economic giants of Asia like India and China command great new markets and wealth that can attract huge visitor experiences. So the proposed strategies correctly embrace the importance of the growth of the tourism industry in South Australia.


Clearly indicated in the Tourism plan are matters pertaining to policy, development and planning that covers the South Australian Tourism Plan 2003-2008 to Draft South Australian Tourism Plan 2015-2020. One objective of all these plans is to move South Australia toward the 2020 $8.0 mark. The original plans act as an important anchor for formulating other fresh plans for the industry.

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