Planning Theories Discussion Chapter

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¶ … planning: Theories and approaches

The act of planning is a normal part of everyone's life. Some people plan activities or endeavors more formally, well in advance, with list making, prioritizing, goal-setting, and/or organizing in some manner that works for a person's unique needs and circumstances. In most processes, it is helpful to make a consolation plan (or plan B), in case certain aspects of the first plan do not happen as desired. Of course the alternative to all of this is spontaneity, also a valid option; however, no one goes through life without planning to some degree. Some people plan to be spontaneous (and otherwise open to opportunities) while all spontaneity includes at least some level of planning (no matter how invisible to the conscious experience) within and after the decision to be spontaneous (is made).

In theory, planning creates the greatest opportunity for flawless execution in any endeavor, activity, event, or desired outcome. Depending on the complexity of the process or the level of control over variables in the process, the practice of planning usually creates an environment or context for the best possible execution and development of an outcome. So many things can be, and need to be, planned.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Discussion Chapter on Planning Theories Assignment

In private life, planning can be more informal and spontaneity can be of more value. Everyone needs a healthy balance of the two; though, everyone has a unique tolerance and natural skill for handling the process of planning or the level of spontaneity in their lives. Further, certain outcomes are better suited for spontaneity than others. For example, some planning needs to go into having a baby, from preparing to conceive to carrying a baby to creating a birth plan, maternity leaves, paternity leaves,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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