Plants and Sun Essay

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¶ … sun makes plants stronger. The role of the sun in the growth of plants may appear trivial to most people and for a great extent, this may be the reason why there is not enough attention given to it. However, simple things that appear trivial, the likes of this one, also deserve the equal amount of attention that is generously given to complex things. It is for this reason that this topic was chosen.

Plants live upon soil, water, and air. However, in order to for them to grow and be stronger in order to continue to live, plants need the sun. According to Professor Hans Hackel of Germany, although there are different kinds of plants, each differing in needs in terms of the amount of sunlight they need in order to grow and flourish, "no plant can survive for long in the total absence of light." (21) Moreover, they "cannot live without light -- darkness is deadly for them!" (Hackel 22) In fact, a plant will put all its energy and resources "into developing shoots" to find sunlight when it finds itself in darkness. (Hackel 22)

Plants require different physiological processes in order to flourish. And sunlight is vital for "a whole range of physiological processes." (Hackel 21) Plants need sunlight so that the different physiological processes required to keep them living can take place. It is through the physiological processes that plants grow stronger because of the sun.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Essay on Plants and Sun Assignment

Photosynthesis or assimilation is one of the physiological processes that are essential to plants. Photosynthesis "allows plants to synthesize glucose from water and carbon dioxide,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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