Essay: Playing Beatie Bow the Role of Women

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¶ … Playing Beatie Bow

The role of women in the novel, Playing Beatie Bow is evident. Abigael learns about various roles of a woman in the novel. This comes out clearly through her mother and grandmother. The relationship between her and her mother gives insight about character traits of her mother that is appealing. Her mother is a loving woman. This trait helps her mother play a role of a loving woman, who wants her family always together despite everything she has experienced. For example, Abigael's father left them, and her mother had to raise her alone. Even though she struggled raising their daughter alone, Abigael's mother wants to forgive her father and get back together with him. She did not appreciate the idea of her mother getting back with her father. She thinks of only herself," she can't comprehend that her mother's love for her father could be a thing of such magnitude that his transgression can be overlooked" (O'sullivan 15).

In this context, she learns that if she were a mother, she would expect her daughter to stand by her. This way, as shown on her monologue as she examines her reaction on her mother's situation, she sees the other existence of how a woman needs to hold her family together. This story also outlines the role of a woman as hardworking. As a single mother, she had to struggle to bring up her daughter. The novel highlights that the first ten years of Abigael's life was very hard. She devoted herself to doing many things including helping her mother. Abigael learns that a woman needs to be protective. For example, her mother struggles to protect her. She comes to her rescue when her grandmother snubs her daughter for refusing to accept the name her father used to call her. She asks the grandmother to leave her daughter alone. This shows that her mother is protective (O'sullivan 15).

She learns that women are powerless. This novel portrays women as powerless beings who cannot take control of their own life. This is prevalent on the example of the prostitute in the brothel captured together with her. This was because of lack of education since the society denied girls a chance to become scholars. When the parents of this prostitute died, she had nothing left and she had to make herself independent by working as a prostitute. She explained to Abigael that one could do many things than starve hence the reason why she was in the brothel. From this, Abigael learns that the woman could only fit in as a homemaker in the society since one could not get education to qualify for other scholarly jobs. Therefore, women had no other choice but to join brothels to take care of themselves until when they found happiness in loving someone who would care for them as husbands. This was the only way for a woman to progress from a dependent child to an emotionally mature woman healed by romantic love.


Coraline's encounter with the' other mother' and 'other father,' dramatize her relation with her parents. At first, the 'other mother' seems a good mother because she prepares a good meal of a roasted chicken. As time passes, coralline realizes the true character of the 'other mother'. She finds out that, the other mother captured her real parents and entrapped them. This means that the other mother was trying to be an impersonator of her parents, but she was nothing close to her parents. This makes her a fearful girl but ready to face the other mother. Coraline could do that by being curious and naughty. Independence and curiosity precisely make it possible for her to fight and eventually overcome the other mother (Goss 71). This affects the relationship between coraline and her parents because it makes her behave badly. Because of this, to coralline the kind-loving mother no longer exists since the monster mother replaces her.

The other mother makes coralline worry about her real parents. She worries that her parents could stop being loving. The encounter with the other mother makes her drive comfort and love to an animal (a cat) thereby neglecting the fact that her parents exists and could offer the same. This, therefore, makes her to distance herself with her parents. This, in turn, brings out a feeling of loneliness. The other mother makes coralline to suffer psychologically. By providing 'all' to coraline she traps her into a state where she cannot demand anything. This state makes her grow up without understanding her cultural law and her position in the nuclear family. The situation brings misunderstanding between her and her parents (Parsons, Sawers and Mclnally 373).

The' other mother,' forces coralline to choose if she wants to stay or return to her parents.

She tries to make her stay by telling her she would be ungrateful for all she has done to her. In the story, the other mother manages to make coralline detest her parents. By cooking good meal, she makes her feel that her real mother is not a good cook. Because of this, she does not appreciate her mother at all. She feels that she did forgive her mother for lack of proficiency to cook, not as an act of obedience but because of the triumphs, she has experienced. This makes her lack respect and appreciation of her parents despite what they are. The encounter of coraline with the other mother makes her see her real mother a person too busy for her. The other mother promises her love, which her real mother cannot give because she is always working. This makes the relationship of coraline with her real mother full of hatred. This is because she feels that her mother is not there for her hence a feeling of rejection. She feels that her mother values her work than her own daughter. That way, coraline seeks love from the cat instead of her mother (Parsons, Sawers and Mclnally 376).

The Hunger Games

The novel Hunger game explores the cruelty and the violence brought by the government it the society. The society experiences problems of insecurity, lack of food and discrimination of the poor by the rich. Katniss, therefore, faces all these problems in an attempt to ensure the well-being of her family. Among problems she experiences, is moving to the woods to hunt so she can put food on the table for the family. The government has fenced the district all round, and she has to crawl and get to the woods to hunt. For her to bring food to the family, she has to deal with the problems in the hunting. Through the skills taught by her father, she could deal with the problem of lack of food and poverty. This is because she hunts enough for food and for selling to get money (Collins 125).

She is a strong-willed responsible young woman. Katniss uses these traits to deal with the brutality she faces during the hunger games. She uses violence against her will to fight against brutality of her mates in the death match during the hunger games. She learns she has to break the law and murder people in the game for her survival in order to win. Katniss also faces hardship in the game. The game makers try to make things hard for her where they asked her walk on fire so she can choke to death. Her strong will to keep on walking gets her to a swimming pool and she puts off the fire. Every time, the game makers, would tend to cause greater distress to the tribute so that they die. This is evident when katniss and her mate from the same district almost won the last part of the game. The game… [END OF PREVIEW]

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