Playwright's Survival Guide in the Book Book Report

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Playwright's Survival Guide

In the book, the Playwright's Survival Guide: Keeping the Drama in Your Work and Out of Your Life, author Gary Garrison gives the burgeoning playwright practical advice concerning a number of various issues that writer's face. The book is divided into three parts, covering the topics of where material comes from to rejection, to etiquette in the theatre to writer's block. It is written as a handbook and details some of the mistakes that writer's make that can be prevented. Garrison is the head of playwriting at the Department of Dramatic Writing at Tisch School of the Arts. The book features some of the great advice that he has learned throughout his career.

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Part One of Garrison's book encourages playwrights to try and use their own lives as inspiration for their works -- that is, "you're the play." We all have experiences that are interesting and poignant, using our own experiences is an easier way to come to a truth in writing. Because our own life material is meaningful to us, it can translate into meaning on the page. What is individual is also many times quite universal and this is the point that Garrison is trying to make. Garrison encourages writers to think of their own lives as worthy material for their work. In looking at our lives, we should pay specific attention to the individuals in our lives. People are interesting. He suggests that when there is something wrong with the play, the problem usually doesn't have to do with the story, but rather, it has to do with the people in it.

Book Report on Playwright's Survival Guide in the Book, the Assignment

Part One also deals with what success personally means for a playwright. Is the purpose to be produced, to be published? Garrison acknowledges that there will be many setbacks in a writer's career, but it is important for the writer not to censor herself because she is… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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