Poker Machines: Hitting it Big Essay

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The common good and social justice obligates public to respect and promote human rights, while fulfilling their vocation. Therefore, implementing these expectations will assist the gambling person to flourish in the society and establishing their social welfare and common good.

The Hotel Industry

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The industry globally acknowledges that the gambling machines are an essential aspect of entertainment. Gambling is a practice accepted widely across the globe, with many federal governments drafting laws and regulations to facilitate the casinos. The common good of the issue to the hotel is that it prospers the owners of the hotel industries and their employees. This facilitates the welfare of the society, promoting human flourishing. The owners of hotels and the gambling machines benefit from the earnings of the players. Additionally, these machines provide employment to the people who work within these hotels to manage the machines (Blaszczynski, Collins, Fong, Ladouceur, Nower, Shaffer & Venisse, 2011). However, in view of the common good of the community, the issue does not meet the social principles and requirements of any business venture benefiting the customer. In business ethics, a business provides service to the customer, satisfying their needs while getting the profits. However, in the case of the poker machines, the hotel industry exploits the customer for its own benefit; this beats the principle of respecting the fundamental rights of the people. Therefore, the issue does have many negative features related to it and the hotel industry overlooks these common good responsibilities and principles of human flourishing. However, the industry does not want to change the practice due to the gains involved. Gambling presents millions of earnings to the hotel industry, thus, the reason they cannot relish the practice for the common good and development of the society.

The State Government

Essay on Poker Machines: Hitting it Big Assignment

The government has the mandate to protect the people from all activities that endanger their lives. It has the social responsibility to ensure that citizens do not engage in activities and dealings that influence their social life negatively. It has the duty to ensure social progression and development in the community. This is a fundamental principle of human flourishing in the society. However, by legalizing the poker machines, the government is failing in its function to act in the common good of the citizens (Parmalee, 2011). The principles of regulating businesses to secure the rights of consumers do not apply in this case. The government overlooks the numerous negative impacts that gambling has on the players. It allows the hotel industry to establish ventures that do not benefit the community positively. The government argues that the casinos provide revenue through the heavy taxation, aimed to deter the poor from participating. However, it is surprising that the poor who desire to get rich easily are the most vulnerable in engaging in gambling (Statement from Richard, 2011). Therefore, the government, although it provides the regulations to guide the process of establishing these gambling games, the fact is it is failing in its duty to the community to protect them. The reason it does not relish the practice and change for the common good of the society is the huge revenue it earns from gambling dens. The revenue is reason enough for the government to legalize gambling games.

How to serve the common good in relation to the issue

The common good of all stakeholders in the issue is diverse as the parties have different interest. All the stakeholders have the sole intention of gaining benefit from the issue. However, it is clear that they all are failing in meeting their social responsibilities and honoring the principles of human flourishing. Therefore, to serve in the common good of all, it is essential to establish better gaming options, other than gambling for the gamblers (Hancock, O'Neil & Alfred 2010). Educating them and rehabilitating them through counseling from gambling is a good starting point. The gamblers need to realize that the poker machines will never tilt the odds to their favor. Therefore, for their common good, they should stop gambling. For the hotel industry, gambling brings profit. However, it is negating the lives of many unsuspecting gamblers. Therefore, to meet the social responsibility of promoting development and human flourishing in the society, they should develop other gaming and entertainment options with fewer risks. They should eliminate gambling services. The government played into the hands of the enemy by engaging in regulating the act of gambling. It should draft laws that ban the act of gambling in the hotel industry, thus acting for the common good to the issue and ensuring social justice. This way, the citizens will engage in constructive activities of hard work to achieve the levels of success they desire. This way, they will be playing to the common good of the community and ensuring they flourish in their lives. These are the ways in which the common good for human flourishing can be served.


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