Police Consolidation Research Paper

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¶ … Northern York County Police Consolidation Experience by John T. Krimmel. Specifically it will answer questions about the article. The article compares Northern York County police departments with departments in Lancaster County, both in Pennsylvania.

What are the pros and cons of consolidating police agencies?

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The pros of consolidating police agencies include cutting down on costs, not duplicating services, being more efficient, and making training and equipment that is more specialized, like crime labs and record keeping, which cuts down on costs. Experts like Krimmel believe that it can lead to a lower turnover in personnel, and better-trained officers, as well. It can help the department look at things differently and improve quality, too. When merging several small departments, it can even lead to lower purchasing costs, because purchasing can be done in bulk. The cons of merging include local residents may resist change, and may value their local police department. They may fear that a merged department will not provide service and protection as they always have done. They may see it as a political monopoly that will drive taxes higher, instead of saving money. In addition, many department heads feel they may lose control of their departments, and police officers may feel their jobs are threatened, along with their benefits and retirement, which could lead to resentment and even loss of employment. Studies indicate that large consolidations can become bureaucratic and much like corporations instead of police agencies.

Who will be in charge of the merged departments?

Research Paper on Police Consolidation Assignment

This is one of the issues associated with consolidating police departments. When many small departments are merged, there is no need for a chief for every department. In the York County case, each department's manager sat on a board of directors that helped guide the department and its practices. However, there will only be one ultimate chief of police, and that could… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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