Police Department Roles and Functions Term Paper

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Police Department Roles and Functions

The roles and functions played by the police force go far above the operational and technical aspects of their work. This career stands out as one of the few jobs that have a personal connection with both social change and progress in general. In this study, the focus will be on elaborating the roles and functions that different police departments play. Essentially, these roles and functions can be categorized depending on the principal mandate of the police departments relative to the enforcement of the law. In addition to these roles and functions, this study will also expound on the various types of police agencies in local, state, and federal levels, and their role in policing (Dantzker, 1999).

First, the police play a pivotal role as far as maintenance and enforcement of the law is concerned. Under this aspect, they are charged with the duty of upholding and enforcing the law impartially. This entails services such as protecting property, human rights and dignity, and the life of the public. Other services include prevention of crimes and opportunities for commission of the same through cooperation with relevant authorities and agencies. For instance, in a case where the state or federal role is violated, the police are expected to move speedily by identifying and apprehending the offender, as well as extend requisite assistance in the prosecution of such cases in a court of law (Stevens, 2011).

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Maintenance of order mandates the police force to ensure stability and harmony, thus preventing behaviors, which would otherwise trigger disturbance or commotion. Police departments also offer services like guiding the disoriented, offering in assistance when administering first aid, and providing education on matters pertaining to crime, drug, and substance abuse. This implies that the services of the police are not only criminal oriented, but they are also for the general service to the law-abiding citizens.

Term Paper on Police Department Roles and Functions the Roles Assignment

The police force is also charged with the duty of tracking down stolen property and maintenance of order on the roads plied by automobiles. The Police agencies can be analyzed like any other organization with several key components where each level such as local, state or federal handles well-defined functions (Stevens, 2011). In order to understand this aspect properly, it is essential to understand how the functions of police agency differ at the local, state, and federal level. At the local level, municipal police is the majority. However, it also comprises of the county sheriffs, county police, tribal and regional police. All these police wings are under the umbrella of the local government, which is also responsible for their remunerations and salaries. Because of the nature of their service, they usually have restricted types of equipment with limited privileges compared to the state police. The principal purpose is to enforce the laws of the jurisdiction, investigate local crimes, and handle all patrols. They include regional, county, municipal, tribal police force that gets authority from the governing body at the local level (Palmiotto & Unnithan, 2010).

Second in that category is the state agency. As the name suggests, state agency also known as the state 'troopers', solves issue relating to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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