Police Report on the Afternoon Case Study

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After the evidence was analyzed, it was found that the fingerprints inside the vehicle belonged to the victim with the exception of the passenger seatbelt buckle, which belonged to the victim's thirteen-year-old sister. The fibers on the victim's shirt belonged to pets, including dogs, cats, and chinchillas. Liquid on the shirt was verified as the victim's blood. The shell casings belonged to the victim's rifle, and prints lifted from the gun were only the victim's. The suicide note was found to be authentic and in the victim's handwriting. Alcohol was found in the victim's body, and his insulin was not level.

The results of the analysis coincide with the statements taken from the victim's family, friends, classmates, and teachers. Statements showed that Marc Hollingsworth was depressed, alcoholic, temporarily unable to receive insulin, and about to be kicked out of school and transferred to an alternative school. March Hollingsworth carried his hunting rifle in his truck and decided to end his own life by gunshot wound to the head.


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U.S. Department of Justice. (2011). Crime scene investigation: A guide for law enforcement.


TOPIC: Case Study on Police Report on the Afternoon Assignment

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