Policy Changes in the Criminal Justice System Research Paper

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Policy Changes in the Criminal Justice System in America

Discuss the changes that can be made to improve three parts of the criminal justice system (Crime Prevention, Sentencing, and the prison experience) QUOTE ALL 10 RESOURCES

The criminal justice system in America which comprises of three stages i.e. crime prevention, sentencing and the prison experience has failed terribly in bringing about the necessary changes to the criminals. This is seen in the high rate of violent crimes which are higher in America than other European countries and thus suggest that the system does not work as desired. The sentencing policies that have been used have not helped either. These have just led to exponential growth of the population of inmates and it has created a vast disparity in inmates that is based on class and race. Additionally, the rate of relapse to prison is extremely high suggesting that there are no reforms taking place on the inmates. Therefore, there is need for policies to be instituted which change the criminal justice system in America.

One of the policy changes that need to take place regards the way in which the prisons are run. Mass imprisonment rakes in huge profits for companies as a result of prisons being treated as business entities by those running the prisons. Corporations which are contracted to run or own the prisons usually earn millions in profits year after year. Therefore, they find a way to keep their profits flowing in as a result of mass imprisonment. This system tends to reproduce the same conditions that lead people into prison Davis 16-17(; Schlosser)Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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. Therefore, the government needs to find a way to run the prisons as state entities that do not make any profits. This would bring about some seriousness to the prisons and reduce the reproduction of conditions similar to those that lead people into prison.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Policy Changes in the Criminal Justice System Assignment

The second issue that arises is how the media and film industries portray prisons to those outside prisons. Prisons have been portrayed in a different image than the reality which confuses the general public into believing that they know all about what happens in the prisons. This has led to the evildoers not being scared of prison since they believe that it is a place that they are familiar with. The government should come up with policies to prevent prisons from being portrayed a lot in the films giving the public this false image Davis 17-18()

It is also important to eliminate drug abuse, sexual abuse and medical neglect for the prisoners. The government needs to come up with ways to curb these… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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