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The phenomenon impedes the recovery and rehabilitation of the mentally ill individuals in a significant trend. Mentally ill individuals in Poland are subject to negative treatment by the general society. Consequently, these individuals respond in a high tone of aggression (Michlic, 2006, pg). They are perceived as defiant and harsh due to the negative treatment. The methodologies of treatment are also a key contribution to the negative behavior of the mentally ill individuals. The mentally challenged undergo treatment in isolated hospitals. These huge psychiatric hospitals map at segregated locations. In this case, they do not have an attachment to the general society. They feel abandoned and secluded in the isolated confinements of the hospitals. This factor contributes to the behavioral characteristic of the Polish.

Mental illness also has negative impacts on labor. In Poland, many individuals are subject to mental illness. This trend extends to the labor sector (Watt, 1979, pg 446). Some individuals exhibit inconsistent and spontaneous traits of mental illness. In this case, there are high rates of accidents in workplaces that cause skeptical efforts on the performances of individuals in the labor sectors. This is a key infliction of labor in the Polish culture. Many individuals lose their vocational posts due to mental illness. This factor has a consequence of poverty. Evidently, mental health in Poland engulfs many issues.

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TOPIC: Essay on Polish Culture Group- the Polish Assignment

Counseling is of great significance in Poland. This involves an outstanding system of guidelines from an outstanding profession. In the case of mental illness, psychologists undertake a thorough counseling program to the victims (Spaulding, 2003). They also extend the program to the affected individuals in the society. The psychologists study the cases of the victims and provide a platform to the victims for them to rehabilitate. In Poland, the counselors give outstanding tips to the victim's relatives. This is definitely under a routine of the counseling program. In these programs, individuals explore their hard feelings without the limitation of confidentiality. The psychologists maintain an elevated trend of confidentiality of their clients. In the Polish culture, this serves as a reliable remedy to the victim's relatives. Definitely, the relatives might suffer extreme trends of depression in the consideration of their loved ones. In the counseling programs, the psychologists offer emotional support as well as the potential remedies to the mental illness of the victim (Spaulding, 2003, pg 326). This process is definitely after a thorough evaluation to the victim's condition.

The psychologists also conduct a critical appraisal of the emotional impacts of the conditions. This is mainly applicable on the victim's relatives. Counselors make comments on the individual's behaviors from a professional view. This provides a basis for change. The relatives of the challenged also tend to stereotype their attitudes and behaviors with time. The counseling sessions take regular intervals for an effective remedy and evaluation. For instance, the sessions can have an interval of one week. This is an outline of the roles of counseling in Poland. It makes constructive impingements on the mentally challenged and their relatives.

Attributions are a psychological concept. They are a universal phenomenon in the entire human race (Spaulding, 2003, pg 321). Each individual has an aspect of attributions. Attributions are the suggestions, or rather the perspectives of the originality of a certain phenomenon. In this case, it is evident that human beings have the capacity to provide information where it lacks. The human race has the capability to define the reasons that justify an occurrence in their environment. Nevertheless, attributions are not always accurate. Their implications might surface an invalid principle. This is a vivid indication that the attributions are not always exact and true. Attributions trigger diverse attitudes towards a common phenomenon in the environment. This is because all human beings have an independent channel of thinking. The evaluation capacities differ in a broad way. The diverse emotions also substantiate independent judgments of issues. Counselors have a key role in the Polish culture. They give different conditions a psychological appraisal (Skolnik, 2012, pg 257). They relate the psychological concepts to the real ground. In this case, they have been of immense significance to Poland. Mental illness is a dominant phenomenon in the Polish cultural group.

Counselors give an outstanding explanation towards the conditions. Their explanations are beyond the human attributions in the society. The counselors apply psychological concepts that are realistic to the mental illnesses (Spaulding, 2003, pg 321). The psychological professionals implicate that the attributions perpetuate the negative perspective of mental illnesses in Poland. The general society associates misfortune and inability to the victims of mental illness. They perceive the victims as a natural failure in the society. The counselors in Poland act against the forces of human attributions. They implicate that the attributions only give negative attitudes. The society can have a positive attitude towards the mentally challenged, and this would enhance their rehabilitation. They also advocate for tenacity and adjustments to the socio-economic shifts in the land (Skolnik, 2012, pg 208). This is because the socio-economic shifts are the key perpetrators of the mental illness. The counselors instill virtues such as assertiveness, and positive attitudes.

National and local resources for the Polish

Poland is a highly interactive nation. It has diverse resources that enhance the livelihood of the inhabitants. There are numerous national as well as local resources in Poland. The land engrosses copious natural resources (Kronenberg, 2010, pg 69). The natural resources in the land mainly favor the sector for energy production. Because of the outstanding power supply, industrialization takes an elevating trend in Poland. The key natural resources in this locality involve zinc, copper, lignite, silver, oil, sulphur, and salt. Natural gas is also an additional resource in the locality. The natural resources record independent quantities throughout Poland. Some exhibit a diminished rate than others. Coal is the resource that makes the highest record in Poland. It is most available than the entire list of natural resources. In this case, the coal products in Poland are in plenty supply. Hard coal has an impressive production rate in the locality. In this case, hard coal records a hundred million tons in one year. Definitely, this is an extensive production of the coal product. In this case, Poland is eminent in the world production of coal and lignite products (Jasinski, 1999, pg 256). The production of the coal and lignite products from Poland constitute up to seven percent. This is a significant contribution to the aggregate global production of hard coal and lignite. The production of coal and lignite is also for internal consumption. The Poland natives use the products and export the surplus.

Natural gas is an alternative resource in Poland. The natural gas deposits are not comparable to the coal deposits. The deposits of gas record a lower figure than the coal (Kronenberg, 2010, pg 297). The gas deposits are quite small in proportion, in the Polish land. Nevertheless, the gas deposits are of immense significance to the natives in Poland. The aggregate gas production in Poland mostly satisfies thirty percent of the national requirement. This is a significant satisfaction of the national needs in Poland. In this case, the nation does not have the urgency of importing gas. This is a booster in the economic activity, in Poland.

Oil is another resource that is available in Poland. The resource is scarce than gas and coal. It is also scarce than lignite. In this case, the oil products do not meet the demand in the nation. The oil products only meet the demands of a small portion of the entire populace. The nation dwells on importing the resource to meet the national demand. Nevertheless, the small quantities of oil satisfy part of the refineries demands. Poland has an outstanding power supply scheme. The power supply does not dwell on the limited resources like oil. It is dominantly dependant on coal. Coal has the most significant deposits in Poland. Consequently, the power supply is outstanding due to the stable supply of coal. This form of power production has outstanding merits. The key advantage of the coal energy is the cheap cost (Jasinski, 1999, pg 96). The nation invests a low amount on the outstanding energy supply. Coal is a local fuel in Poland. This minimizes the costs of implementation of the energy supply schemes. Recently, the gas and oil take an elevating trend in Poland. The progression is very slow, hence negligible. Coal energy still dominates the nation's supply. Poland also has copper deposits. This additional resource is crucial. Poland contributes three percent of the global production of refined copper. This is a remarkable trend. These resources are existent in Poland.


As depicted in this context, the cross-cultural psychology of the Polish is their source of the impact they have on their human behavioral characteristics despite their geographical location. The challenges the Polish immigrants have experienced in the U.S. have also been implicated to the natives back in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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