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Clinton did a lot less about the environment than people think he did." The other two Republicans had similar views, though V.R. And A.A. claim to be pro-life and care as much about the environment as any normal person would. When asked about the economy, V.R. And A.A. who are both Latino immigrants believe that the economy is going well. V.R. fears that if John Kerry wins, more people will demand more government handouts. "I came to this country with nothing. The only English I knew were the words, "ham and eggs." If I can make it here, I think anybody can." A.A. has a similar story. Because he is an immigrant I asked whether he would change his vote based on immigration policy. He said, "I haven't heard John Kerry say anything about it. I am totally unhappy with Bush's amnesty program. It makes me wonder whether the time and money I spent to come here legally was worth it. If Kerry came out and said he would deport illegals, I might take another look at him."

On the war on terror, all three Republicans feel that Bush is better capable. "At least," V.R. says, "when he says something he [Bush] does it. I think that's important." A.A. says he believes Bush understands the threat terrorism presents to America's future. L.D. is concerned for the future of her child. "I wouldn't say that I'm in favor of pre-emptive strikes like what we did in Iraq. But I have to wonder where the WMDs went to. And I would rather my generation fight the war than to have my son's generation fight a worse war. I think George Bush understands this."Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Political Campaign Report When Beginning Assignment

The final interviewee was E.G. She says she is a Libertarian and the most opinionated of the group. Given the current choices she will vote for Bush. "I'm not crazy about him, but I don't have much of a choice, do I?" She goes on to complain about the "infringement of individual rights" she sees in the Patriot Act. I asked her if she would vote for Kerry if he promised to legalize drugs such as marijuana. "Maybe, but if he promised that, he probably wouldn't get elected anyway, so I probably wouldn't vote for him." In the course of the interview I asked her to explain why she leans toward Bush as opposed to Kerry. "The Democratic Party, as far as I'm concerned, has become more and more Socialist. They won't admit it, but they do believe in redistribution of wealth. The government's job is to protect the people. That's it." I asked how policies toward Iraq helped her make her decision. "I'm completely behind the war. If America had acted on the so-called "gathering danger" before WWII, my parents would not have had to go through the Holocaust. I have little respect for leaders who do not learn from history. The Democrats think they are above repeating history and can do the same things and get different results. Republicans understand that history can and does repeat itself. That's why I plan to vote for Bush"

In conclusion, I found that those who plan to vote for John Kerry are not familiar with his current policies or with his voting record in the Senate as those voting for Bush. The issues that are most important to them are more short-term in nature. At one point or another in the interviews, they all claimed to hate Bush and gave this reason for their choosing Kerry. Among the interviewees, those voting for Kerry were lower on the socio-economic scale and all relied on friends, family and traditional media (e.g. network news) to help them form opinions. Those planning to cast their votes for Bush have at least undergraduate degrees and more professional jobs. Their socio-economic status is better than the Democrat voters and they have a long-term approach to analyzing important issues. While all the Democrats agreed with D.M. who said, "I wouldn't vote for a Republican if my life depended on it," those who favored Republicans would consider voting Democratic, based on the candidate's views. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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