Term Paper: Political Economic and Social Issues

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In 1983, civil war broke out in Sudan, between the north and the south. The conflict raged on for decades, and continues to plague the region. The Sudanese Wars have yielded unfathomable casualties and loss of life. The term the "lost boys of Sudan" refers to about 20,000 boys who fled Southern Sudan in the wake of the chaos and violence of the independence movement and its aftermath. Unfortunately, the term draws attention to the lack of respect and attention given to female casualties. A great number found refuged in Ethiopia, itself far from a bastion of stability. In fact, wars in Ethiopia broke out in 1991 and further displaced the lost boys of Sudan. Thousands -- about ten thousand by some estimates -- were able to make it to refugee camps in Kenya, and were housed under the auspices of international aid organizations like the IRC. About four thousand made it to the United States (IRC, 2014).

The National Geographic films detailing the lost boys of Sudan like "Sense of Place and Community" offer the unique opportunity to hear the personal stories of individual young men and boys. Their ethnicities, at first salient, become near irrelevant as the reality of shared human suffering and tragedy rises to the surface. Conflicts like the Sudanese civil war have characterized the bulk of the human experience due to social, economic, and political issues. Almost all of these causal variables can be traced in some way to patriarchy, which foments egotism and avarice. Yet there is a clear need to find a balance between traditional values and… [END OF PREVIEW]

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