Political Structure in Obamacare Essay

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Some political analyst believed that the president had an excessive amount of power in the earlier part of the presidency because the president is a democratic president and the majority members in congress were democratic. The president had the power to persuade congress into passing a bill, without careful analysis and this can be considered unconstitutional. Utilizing the judicial review power to look at the process of the bill becoming a law, is the final step in the checks and balances.

In the recent case 26 states, some individuals and the National Federation of Independent Business were plaintiffs against the ObamaCare law. The judge wrote 78 pages of carefully reasoned argument, using previous court cases, decisions and constitutional laws to declare this law unconstitutional. Today the ObamaCare law is not applicable in 26 states, the National Federation of Independent Business and some individuals.


The Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPAC) was written into law, to create health care changes and reform that would protect the rights of patients. It will make changes about Medicare physician payment, primary care bonuses, general surgery bonus, Medicaid payments, geographic payment adjustments, medical liability reform and many other types of reform. The PPAC was established to create better care for patients, by giving incentives to doctors to give the care in areas that are currently lacking. The PPAC was designed to protect the rights, and health of patients.

My Opinion

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As an analyst of our government structure, our political systems and ObamaCare, I have concluded that separation of power and checks and balances are an important part of our governmental systems. Separation of powers and checks and balances were put in place to prevent one person or one part of government from becoming too powerful. Although I am a supporter of ObamaCare, I do feel as though the president and congress have abused their powers to get this bill passed as a law. Members of congress should always act according to the constitution states, to ensure the rights of the American public is protected.

Essay on Political Structure in Obamacare Obamacare Assignment

The judiciary branch of the government exerted its power to check congress and the president when they declared this law was unconstitutional in 26 states. This shows that the checks and balances system works to protect the American people, it prevents the president from making decisions that are not approved by the majority of Americans. We the citizens of America elect our representatives in congress to speak for us; therefore their vote is our voice. They should be given the chance to read the bills they are signing, because their signature is a representation of their district and the people who have elected them. They should always let their vote represent what is right for the people who have elected them.

Our founding fathers have created a government that has separation of powers, to create checks and balances. This system of government was established to ensure that the president or one part of our government does not become too powerful. A bill becomes a law by getting the majority vote in congress, then getting signed by the president. Once a bill is passed as a law it can then be declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, with the use of well documented reasons and recorded list of constitutional errors in the process of the bill becoming a law. The ObamaCare bill moved from bill to law in what the Federal Court has recently ruled as unconstitutional, therefore the law is now not applicable in 26 states. This was a great example of abuse of power in congress, which was documented and revealed in Federal Court.


The Obamacare law has gone through all three branches of our government. It first went from Congress who received the majority vote to move the bill to the executive branch. The president signed the bill, making a law in 2010. This law was then challenged in the Federal Court, where it was declared unconstitutional. This is a perfect example of how our government operates, to protect the rights of our citizens. Although many people are disappointed that this law is now unconstitutional in 26 states, they support the fact that our system works and we have a system in place to protect the rights of our citizens.


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