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¶ … politically-Themed movie - W

Charlie Wilson's War

Politics has always been a frequently discussed issue, with roughly everyone being interested in it at one point in their lives. Politicians are assigned with deciding matters on which people depend on, and, thus, the public is looking forward to choosing the best to rule over them. Because of the notoriety of the subject, numerous writings have been issued relating to it. Several film directors have inspired their movies from real occurrences which have happened in the lives of politicians. Charlie Wilson's War is a 2007 biographical film presenting events from the life of Democratic Congressman Charlie Wilson, from Texas. The movie's plot first follows Charlie Wilson as he enjoys the good things in life, only to later witness the horrors which the people in Afghanistan are being subjected to by the Soviet invaders.

The main character, Charlie Wilson, is played by actor Tom Hanks, and, as the story evolves, the audience is presented with a typical brilliant performance coming from Hanks. Wilson is displayed as having good organizational abilities, yet, he proves to have a weakness for women and partying. An example of his lifestyle is shown through the facts that he only has beautiful women working from him as secretaries, and, that he drinks champagne in a Jacuzzi in Vegas. Across the movie, Wilson is put to test several times, but, because of his luck and his intelligence, he manages to come out clean. Both in Texas, and in Afghanistan, Wilson's emotions prove to be stronger than his logic, and, it does not last long before he encounters failure in his missions.

Despite of being surrounded by beautiful women mostly all the time, Wilson is especially fond of Joanne Herring (Julia Roberts). Julia Roberts's character is a good example of a strong woman that knows how to get what she wants. She firstly presents Wilson with the situation in Afghanistan hoping that it would get his attention. She then continues her plan and succeeds in making Wilson fully interested in the state of affairs.

The public must have been expecting both Hanks and Roberts to provide them with a movie of great value. The director had been also expecting the names of the two actors to make people attend the movie in great numbers. However, what most viewers did not expect had been a wonderfully played positive role from actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman. The actor plays the role of CIA agent Gust Avrakotos and has to assist Wilson in his mission of installing freedom in Afghanistan. Charlie Wilson's War presents Hoffman differently than how… [END OF PREVIEW]

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