Politics and the English Language by George Orwell Thesis

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Politics and English

Politics and the English Language

The deterioration of language is tied to the deterioration of culture and tehre's nothing that can be done about either.

Foolish thoughts lead to ugly and inaccurate language, which in turn leads to an increase in the rate and degree of foolish thoughts.

"Staleness of imagery;" that is, the language is dry and/or cliched.

"Lack of precision:" the authors seem unclear about or indifferent to the meaning of their words.

A dying metaphor is a cliche phrase that is nt truly secure enough in its vividness of meaning to stand the test of time, and which destroys any sense of vividness and originality when used. Modern examples include "dragging his/her feet," "outside of the box," and arguably "show me the money" (when used in a symbolic context; the phrase is over-used regardless, but is not always metaphoric).


A verbal false limb is a verb phrase that could be more efficiently and effectively replaced with a single active verb. They are filler; useless except for watering down an argument to diluted drivel.


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Pretentious diction can be used to add impartial-seeming scientific fact to an argument, to stir up emotion, and to simply seem more sophisticated. What distinguishes pretentious diction from varied, creative, erudite word choice is both the lack of true innovation and imaginativeness on the part of the scribe, as well as an obfuscation of cognitive comprehension in the interpretive capabilities of the reader.


Modern meaningless words, or those on their way there, are "liberal" and "conservative," "scientific" and "intellectual," and arguably "economics" and "economy," depending o one's level of cynicism.


The construction of the sentence is needlessly complicated, and deliberately avoids a standard subject-predicate-object delivery. There was more thought in the use of language than in the meaning of the phrase.

TOPIC: Thesis on Politics and the English Language by George Orwell Assignment


There is not a single concrete element in the entire sentence; it is vague and does not reference any actual or even hypothetical events, but instead generalizes both nouns and verbs with complex phrases.


The main problem Orwell points out is that people choose the easy route of selecting previously strung-together words for their thoughts rather than selecting their own words for their particular meanings. The ix questions that should be asked about every sentence are: What am I trying to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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