Comparing Donald Trump to George Bush Essay

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And it appears that the main reason for this reverence is that the current president appears to have such a different character. Trump has shown his willingness to be combative, to engage the opposition party at every turn and cast himself as one who will fight tooth and nail against those who are not with him. Bush, on the other hand, worked with Democrats in Congress and was always considered a basic, old school kind of decent guy. It was his reputation that largely led to his son George W. Bush winning the White House 8 years after his father’s loss to Clinton. People contrasted the memory of Bush I with the scandal-ridden presidency of Clinton and viewed Bush II as a chip off the old block.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Compare and Contrast Essay on Trump and Bush

Essay on Comparing Donald Trump to George Bush Assignment

Yet, one must ask, if George H. Bush was so beloved, why was he only a one-term president? Part of the answer is due to the fact that he reneged on campaign promises and led a full-scale invasion into the Middle East (though it was quite short in duration and looked extremely mild in comparison to the post-9/11 interventions of his son). Still, even if voters preferred the smooth talk of Clinton in 1992 to Bush’s elder statesman tone, George H. Bush still is remembered for a tone that is sorely missed in today’s politics. For example, when the objective was achieved in Desert Storm and Hussein was pushed out of Kuwait, Bush declared the mission to be over. He did not continue to rattle his saber or see where else he could pick a fight. He wanted to keep fighting to a minimum and only intervened because he viewed it as a humanitarian action on behalf of the Kuwaiti people. In comparison to the tone set by Trump, in which everyone is viewed as a threat—from China to Russia to Syria to the Democrats in Congress, Bush’s tone was downright chivalric. Bush gave more time to the press in conferences than any other. He always kept the lines of communication open and sustained dialog with those who disagreed with him. He never shut down others or blocked them out of his circle because they represented a voice of dissent or a difference of opinion. He respected them and they in turn respected him. He said in his inaugural address that we should have a kinder and gentler nation. Trump, on the other hand, delivered a fiery, fire-and-brimstone inaugural address that rattled many and caused a good deal of consternation among those who did not support his political agenda. Trump appealed strongly to his political base—but did not reach across the aisle and has not been successful in demonstrating the type of bipartisanship that Bush demonstrated. Of course, Ron Paul has argued that partisanship is what is really needed from today’s leaders—and perhaps that is why Trump still generates appeal among his supporters and why Bush lost his seat in the White House in 1992. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain, Bush carried himself differently—and at his funeral, that was what people chose to remember.

In conclusion, the passing of George H. Bush has been an occasion to compare his style of politics with the current president’s. It has been an occasion to contemplate what made Bush I unique among modern presidents. It has been an occasion to think about how Trump is different and why that is. It has also been an occasion to consider why people block out the bad when they die and remember only the good—and whether people will do the same when Trump passes on as well.
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