Politics and Healthcare Essay

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Affordable Healthcare Act

Recommendations to the President: The Affordable Healthcare Act

I know, Mr. President, how much of a conflict Congress is in right now regarding the Affordable Healthcare Act that was passed in 2010 and is set to fully go into action next year in 2014. There are such strong voices against it, with understandable arguments, but at the same time the lives of thousands of Americans are at risk. Despite personal objections that anyone might have based on increases in taxes, it is clear that we must push forward with getting the last of this legislation implemented because it will undoubtedly save lives -- and that is worth its weight in gold.

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It is understandable that so many politicians would be concerned about how the government plans on paying for the massive increases on healthcare expenses in order to provide better coverage for so many more Americans. While already in a recession, the legislation you are proposing, President Obama, is just another added expense to an already long list of expenses that are bogging down American tax payers from recovering from the depths of the recession. Essentially, you are asking the American tax payer to take on the load of the additional increases. Most of these tax increases will hit the higher end of the income scale, with about a 0.9% increase on Medicare and 3.8%tax hike on high income earners. This will ultimately provide a bulk of the funding for the various program extensions and creations, without having to bog down the average wage earner too much. Yet, many of the upper classes are clearly opposed to this, claiming that it is not their responsibility to have to care for the population that cannot afford its own healthcare. It is understandable; no one really wants to spend their hard-earned money on strangers.

Essay on Politics and Healthcare Assignment

However, the situation has become too dire to bicker about 3% tax increases here and there. Thousands of Americans… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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