Essay: Politics Predominate in Advanced Industrial

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[. . .] Likewise, to expect the individual who owns property to give political support to an initiative that would assist the homeless in their state but that would increase their property taxes by 20% to do so would also be far-fetched. Therefore, it is this, the possession of or the lack of possession of property that can be seen to stand firmly blocking the path by of class politics being predominant in advanced industrial societies because of the inherent

IV. Internal Validity

Bourdieu's theory of practice is internally valid in that his focus was on empirical analyses of the theory and his reach demonstrated the validity of this theory in terms of its adherence to the research findings on the class and cultural hierarchies in France and the schools' role in perpetuating the inequalities between classes based on socio-economic factors.

V. External Validity

Bourdieu's theory is externally valid and this is held to be true when considering the real-life inequities that are evidence between classes who have and those who have not in terms of property and the accompanying benefits or lack of benefits of that standing in the social context.


While individuals of differential socio-economic standing may belong to the same social class it is at times impossible for these individuals to agree in the area of politics and extremely impossible for their interests to align so as to gain political cohesion and ensue on…

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