Politics and Religion Term Paper

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Politics and Religion in Medieval Europe

This work will research the Christian Church during medieval life which was the center of the individual and community life. The major political figure during this time in history was the pope. This work will provide a very detailed description of this circumstance of life. The culture was consumed by their religion and political life, and individual's salvation was a major worry. A precursor that gave the landscape of medieval politics was the fall of the Roman Empire.

The Medieval Period, commonly known as the 'middle ages' was a period of approximately 1,000 years in European history. This period is also referred to as the 'Dark Ages' because during this time western Europe was tormented by barbarians resulting in the loss of classical civilization. A new civilization formed during this time which fell under the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. The kingdoms that followed the Roman Empire were not stable ones. This period was one that witnessed the decline of trade and commerce.


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There were three classes on individuals in society at this time or three "estates of men -" (New Standard Encyclopedia, 1986) which included: (1) Nobles; (2) Clergy; and (3) Common People. Each of these estates had their appointed roles within society. The role of the nobles was of government while the clergy's role was the worship of God and focusing their attention upon the religious needs of man. The common people were working peasants, craftsmen and merchants whose labor supported the 'privileged' upper classes. During this time:."..even the wealthiest nobles and clergyman lacked the common comforts of modern life. The peasants usually lived on the verge of famine." (New Standard Encyclopedia, 1986)


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During this period of time, practically everyone in western Europe were members of the Roman Catholic Church which owned large holdings of land and as well made the provision of formal education to the people. The people in the Medieval era generally "accepted the church's authority unquestioning, though often violating its rules." (New Standard Encyclopedia, 1986) the authority of the Church was believed by many to be overbroad in that, as noted in the work of Peterson and Brunn, et al. entitled: "The Appearances of Medieval Rituals: The Play of Construction and Modification" notes the act that during the Carolingian period through the Catholic reform of the later 16th century the church adopted and adapted new forms of ritual practices including "dramatic liturgy, new devotional images, literary forms, types of artistic representation and music." (2004)


The work of Hamilton (2003) entitled: "Religion in the Medieval West" stats that while religion "was central to medieval life and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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