Poly-Pharmacy Low Income Elderly and Social Theories Essay

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However, there needs to be a specific and laser focus on the poor as they are more likely than most to forgo medications or other treatments because they perceive that they have no other options. However, through proper medical care and the use of government programs and best practices, that is absolutely not the case.


The social safety net in the United States will be tested more and more as the next two or three decades roll on. With the solvency issues that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are all having, there needs to be a focus on getting the assistance to where it needs to be and to avoid sending it to where it is not needed. Best practices should always be employed to prevent unneeded or unnecessary care. Even when care is clearly needed, it should be done in an efficient and caring way that attends to the needs of the patient and the streamlining of care at the same time. Part and parcel of using evidence-based care is to use social theories, both nursing and non-nursing, to keep the process and the results as proper and efficacious as possible. Doing otherwise is a disservice to the patient and the system.


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Essay on Poly-Pharmacy Low Income Elderly and Social Theories Assignment

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