Poor Grammar Criminal Justice System Term Paper

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Thus, law enforcement agents may apply unrestricted justice on minorities as the occurrence of minority groups increase rulers' insight of threat and fear of crime. Furthermore, the relationships between legal agents such as police officers and minorities are harsh since police nature support the well-being of the rulers (Chambliss and Seidman, 1971:53).Thus, the decisions of police in order to arrest minorities can be independent of genuine conduct and more reliant upon their subordinate group status such as favoritism based on group individuality (Chambliss and Seidman, 1971:53).

Identification of Different Perspectives of Individual Rights & Public-Order Advocates

The individual rights advocates are those who search to protect individual freedoms within the process of criminal justice. For example, legalize marijuana, ACLU, Anti-death penalty groups, NAACP.

While on the other hand public-order advocates are those who consider under particular circumstances involving the safety of public, the society interests and take priority over individual rights. For example, tougher penalties, roadblock searches, three strikes etc.

Community Policing Impact on Crime

According to the DOJ definition:

Community policing is a policing philosophy designed to reduce crime and disorder in communities by fostering trust, respect, and collaboration between police officers and citizens (Jones; 2002)."

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The impact of these polices on crime can be seen where the policing leaders, experts along with government agencies and community leaders were almost unanimous and hardly have focused teams, or targeted toward eliminating particular activities. These are considered to be the most effectual means in order to combat violence and homicides in the community (Jones, 2002). These policies however, include severe or high-impact targeting of gang areas and hot spots etc. (Jones; 2002).

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Poor Grammar Criminal Justice System Assignment

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County Sheriff's Department: Opposition to 2002-03 Reductions… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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