Poor Leadership in Healthcare Identifying Capstone Project

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These basic management systems provide for quality review, incident reporting, performance management and consciousness of these systems as components. Other components of this approach or plan are increased collaboration between managers and clinicians, coherent clinical leadership, introduction of new values and attitudes across all levels, and a sense of empowerment in both the staff and patients (Walshe & Shortell).

IV. Outline of the Plan

The manager should require periodic quality reviews of performances and resources in all levels and base all upgrading efforts on these. All clinician and non-clinician staff and even patients will be asked to report incidents. All subordinates will be rates for performance periodically. Management and staff training programs will be regularly conducted on proper work values and attitudes, specifically openness, cooperativeness, willingness to learn and to become updated, sensitiveness to occurrences and professional as well as personal empowerment.


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Capstone Project on Poor Leadership in Healthcare Identifying Assignment

Retrieved on February 24, 2014 from http://content.healthaffairs.org/content/23/3/103.full
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