Pope John Paul II'S 1983 Case Study

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Instead, the Pope preached upon his arrival at the airport against subjecting school children of Catholic parents to an atheist ideology. Nicaraguan Catholics were likewise disappointed when the Pope's sermon admonished Nicaraguans to abandon "unacceptable ideological commitments."

At the Plaza speech, Hoyt (1983) and her daughter ended up mingling with farmers and other simple people who she believed had lost loved ones in the revolution and counterrevolution. The reform-minded citizens of Nicaragua had hoped for some mention of their suffering and rights, but these hopes were dashed when the Pope ignored the crowd's chants for "A prayer for our dead," "We want peace," and "We want a church on the side of the poor." The Pope's silence instead encouraged militant conservative elements to escalate counterrevolution violence; just what the reform-minded Catholics feared would happen if the Pope took sides.


Ellman, Paul. (1983, Mar. 2). A pilgrimage peppered with minefields. The Guardian, 15.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Case Study on Pope John Paul II'S 1983 Assignment

Hoyt, Katharine. (1983, Mar.). The 1983 visit of Pope John Paul
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