Popular Music and Identity Sound Essay

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In the musical example 2, one can see and understand how the Tin Pan Alley songs have influenced popular music of today.


Musical experiences cannot be easily described as they differ between two people, but two different people can both identify with a specific song in different ways. This is why popular music is easy to identify with, and it speaks to ones emotions. The writers have tried to justify their different points in regards to music and identity, but Simon Frith has a more compelling argument as he looks at how different music is able to influence people. Having an analysis of popular music has allowed him to determine that music is special because it defines a space that has no boundaries. Popular music can cross borders and be appreciated by different cultures and social groups. This allows different people to identify with the music, and have different experiences based on the music. Simon has demonstrated that sounds do not have to represent or reflect people as it had been assumed. There is a wide spectrum of difference in popular music. Popular music has the potential to allow people to easily identify with it as it is easy to understand and the beats are appealing to majority of people.


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TOPIC: Essay on Popular Music and Identity Sound Assignment

Hill, S., and B. Fenner. Media…
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