Population Groups Served This Services Grant Proposal

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H. Personnel Manager -- This position cost $21,000 $, but only 16,000 will be paid for by this Grant plus $4,000 in fringe benefits, this will be paid by the Grant.

I. Housekeeping -- The Four housekeeping positions cost $10,000 each plus $2,500 in fringe benefits, this will be paid by the Grant.

J. Maintenance- The Two positions cost $10,000 each plus fringe benefits of $2,500, this will be paid by the Grant.

K. The Fringe benefits are estimated at 25% these include: FICA, ESC, workers compensation Insurance, Health Insurance and 401(K)


$1,900 will be paid from the Primary Grant award

A. The Director will attend the annual Regional Conference hosted by DHSS. Air travel will cost $350, meals will cost $120 and $180 for hotel charges for two nights.

B. The two Case Managers will also attend the annual Regional Conference hosted by DHSS. Air travel for the two will cost $700 meals and hotel charges will cost $600.

Facility Expense

A. Facility Rental- Rental of office space will be a one year lease of $10,000 including heat, lights, water and sewer.

B. Communication- Local and international service as well as internet will cost $800 paid from the Primary Grant.

C. The Primary Grant will pay for renovations and repairs done on the premises costing an estimated $5,000.

D. Maintenance- Maintenance of the premises that include lawn mowing, snow shoveling, and other landscaping activities will cost $2,200 from the Primary Grant.


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Will cost $3,000 paid from the Primary Grant.

A. General office supply- $1,000

B. Program Supplies- Stationary for brochures and surveys- $2,000


A. Laptop Computers- Three Laptop Computers costing a total of $4,500 will be covered by the Primary Grant.

B. Office Chairs And Desk- One office chair and one desk costing $1,500 will be charged from the Primary Grant

Grant Proposal on Population Groups Served This Services Assignment

C. Printers and Photocopiers- One printer and a photocopier machine costing $1,550 will be charged from the Primary Grant.

D. Appliances- The office will also acquire appliances totaling $1,000 from the Primary Grant.

Other Costs

A. Auditing- There will be an audit conducted on the financial documents that will cost $2,000 but and $500 will be paid for by the Primary Grant.

B. Advertisements- There will be a newspaper advertisement as an awareness campaign costing $500 from the Primary Grant.

C. Journals subscriptions- Subscription of relevant health journals will cost $400 paid by the Primary Grant

D. Insurance of office equipment will cost $2,000 paid by the Primary Grant.

Appendix i

The Programs Intended Effect

1. The program is intended to support individuals suffering from Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorder Maintain their independence. In addition, the program is intended to provide home care services in homes so that individuals and their families can achieve their goal, which is to remain living in their community of choice.

2. The programs expectation

The program meets expectation. Service delivery is timely and progressing as expected based on Planned Service and Expenditure.

3. Programs Benefit to Clients

A 86-year-old woman living in Spenard and suffering from Alzheimer's and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, was living alone. Due to her illnesses, she cannot be left unattended. Therefore, she gets a 24-hour live-in care service. Now she is able to retain familiarity and routine throughout her day. The program has enabled her to regain some independence living in her own home, and providing her some security as well. She enjoys the quality of life and feels more confident because of her improved hygiene and appearance.

4. Clients Input on Service

To collect and respond to clients' feedback, the clients and their family members are provided with self-administered… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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