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Pricing also seemed to be an issue. It was strange that the women from Bangladesh, one of the poorer countries of the globe, would choose to buy products that were five, seven and even ten times more expensive than the Maya pills instead of buying Maya. This showed that there was something terribly wrong with the product or that it was thus perceived within the population.

One of the solutions that were proposed at the PSI meeting suggested a more direct approach and a more direct communication with the consumer. In my opinion, this is an entirely erroneous approach. The likes of "if you can think of a clever way to communicate to a man to buy Maya for his woman" will certainly have no success. I do not have to further details this, because I have already expressed my opinion in the lines above. The utmost factor of decision in pill distribution and in the choice of the pill is the doctor. You usually pass by the doctor at least for a set of tests in order to decide what pills to use. A direct approach and a direct communication with the consumer will not have any effect, because the consumer, the woman hence, would still go see her doctor and ask him what types of contraceptives to use. Additionally, in my opinion, the retailers' role is very limited, because, as I have said, you do not actually go to the retailer and ask him what contraceptive to use.

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In my opinion, the most viable solution is that of improving the channel of communication with doctors and specialized personal in Bangladesh. Schellstede seems to have understood best the way these products are commercialized and who plays a vital role in the woman's choice. The problem in its core is recommendation (that is someone to recommend the product) and the possible solution is an improved communication with the people who recommend the product. As I have said here above, it is not likely that the doctors have a grudge against Maya, but more likely they are misinformed and truly believe that Maya is an inferior drug. Change that image, change that belief and the sales volume is most likely going to increase too.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Population Services International (PSI) Is Assignment

I would like to briefly summarize some of the implementation means that PSI can use. Better information of the doctors can be done through organized seminars where the product could be presented, where specialists could explain what kind of hormones it uses and why it is better than other similar products. Additionally, specialists could visit private cabinets and discuss the product with some of the local doctors. Brochures and leaflets can also be used. In fact anything that would ensure that the doctors' belief that Maya is not an efficient drug will no longer decrease sales.

Unfortunately, one of the greatest disadvantages of such a solution is related to cost. Its chances of success are more or less determined by the amount of money invested in such a campaign. A successful campaign will most likely mean a costly one, because approaching a vast number of doctors would mean spending money on organizing seminars and conferences, on brochures, on hiring specialists to present the issues and all these are not likely to be covered by the increased volume of sales. In my opinion, such a campaign would not necessarily have necessarily a profitable impact.

Another disadvantage that such a solution will have is that it is a long-term solution. It will probably take at least one or two years for the doctors to recommend Maya and this may be a period of time too long, considering the sales volume has steadily been decreasing in the last three years. The organization of seminar and conferences, the discussions with the doctors- all these will take time, to which we should also add the time needed before the doctors start to recommend the Maya pills.

The third advantage that this solution may present is that it means associating with "untrained quacks," that is, recognizing that these lesser trained and lesser skilled doctors have a very important role in deciding what will sell and what will not and that they in fact decide whether Maya will be successful or not in Bangladesh. Working with them would mean going back on the organization's policy. However, if you… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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