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[. . .] (Groote, 2011) After a study done on 120 male undergraduates revealed that subsequent to watching an aggressive erotic film, they would like to assert aggression against female through electric shock. Thus the result indicated that after watching the aggresive-erotic film which is what the porn now a days is mostly about, the students became more aggressive and willing to hurt women. (Donnerstein, 1980) It is evident that the media is exacerbating the porn situation. Let's look at some examples how.

How they all project themselves

Two main ways are adopted by the pop singers and actresses to get their names in the list of artists who are the "hottest" or the "sexiest." One way is to dress up in a way that is so revealing that there is no need to say anything beyond that and the second one is make seductive videos that would attract the male observers towards them and would incite in the young girls the desire to have a sex appeal as them. Some of the artists who have made quite a name in the category of females who can be held partially responsible for the pornification of the Western media are Britney Spears and Madonna. Literature changed forever some twenty years ago when Madonna released her Sex Book. This book took all the literature lovers by extreme shock as this book only contained Madonna's explanations of performing vulgar and sexual acts. This book also contained pictures of her in seductive poses. In this book, she has also published the pictures of her getting gang raped and being sexually involved with an old man (Blankenship, 2012).

On the other hand, Britney Spears has also pulled out some kind of such acts that has added to the already pornified Western media. She started off as a young girl, even though her music was not liked by many people but her manufactured body (fake breasts) made her popular in the Western media. Britney is also a seductress. Out of the 702,000 web page matches, 1,001 out forth the gaze of the virtual Britney voyeur the entire thing from equine sex (Conrad, 2002). Britney does not leave much to the imagination of her millions of female teenage fans as well as the middle-aged male fans. She has seen making visible her thongs, sports bras and anything that one could imagine, on the cover page of the magazines that can be found in any supermarket.

In a special issue of On a Rolling Stone, she wrote BABY on one of her butt cheeks while advertising for child bicycle. It was actually intriguing to see that her virginity (at that time) caught more attention of the paparazzi than did her dream date with Prince William. However, if people really want to see Britney do "real sex," they can always watch that in her movie called Cross Roads (Vanimi, 2002).

Dallas has come with hair styles and makeup for the celebrities that make them carry their sex appeal in a better way. Most of the artists including Britney, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, to name a few follow these trends so that they appear more seductive. They wear red lipsticks; make big hairstyles to catch the attention of their male fans and other people of the industry.

Difference between Madonna and Britney Spears

Even though Britney has also crossed many limits as she can be seen poll dancing in her latest videos, there will always be a difference and her and Madonna's approach. No doubt, through her actions Britney Spears only represents the myth of our society today. On the other hand, Madonna has confessed that she had sex to project her career.

Britney has always seen to abstain from such acts; however she has her own ways of seducing all those who watch her. Many analysts believe that even though Britney has always managed to stay away from doing "actual sex" on television, she has never at seducing her male counterparts. This is because sex is not the only way that a woman can seduce a man, but it only represents her symbolic power over him (Baudrillard, 1991).

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, who was once considered vulgar for her revealing dresses, seducing videos and sexual lyrics, has now become a source of inspiration for many of the fashion brands. Her music videos directly put across the message that females are just born to attract men and sell themselves for the sake of diamonds etc. For example if we talk about her song called "Bad Romance," we can see how hard she has tried during the whole duration of the video to become the highest bidding prostitute. The way she poses and smolders her customer in the video is no less than a mainstream porn video.

Christina Aguilera and her revealing clothes

Christina is another name in such kinds of controversies. She has left behind all the celebrities since she does not hesitate to appear before the television and the public places with the most revealing clothes ever. Since these people are "celebrities" and the general public, who are their fans, tend to follow their styles, they should not dress up in a way that would have a vulgar impact on the media and the society.

Christina has taken off her pants, worn necklines that reveal almost everything and that too in the national television. While she was shooting for the music video of her new song "Your Body" in Los Angeles, she managed to go without pants wearing revealing necklines along with big mesh cutouts (The Huffington Post, 2012). It will probably not be a very good idea to discuss the details here. It is very obvious that by wearing dresses that would completely show the side of her breasts, she wants to capture some attention. In her latest photos, the 31-year-old actress has only showed her legs in a fish-net stocking. She has left us all wondering what we are actually going to see in her video. She has also changed her name to Xtina, which is the name she wants to be known by as slutty outfits become her signature style.

Fake breasts, fake nails, synthesized bodies

The trend of getting silicon breasts is increasing over time as the celebrities have gone for such kind of surgeries in the recent past. Not just this, these girls have fake nails that make their hands look pretty and attractive. These girls are not even happy with their hair so they get extensions. It will not be wrong to say that the entire bodies of some of celebrities have now become synthesized with fake things. This is the trend that the teenage girls want to follow so that they attract the same kind of attention as these celebrities.

One of the famous names that are now known as the owner of the fake breasts is that of Pamela Anderson. She does not need any introduction regarding this matter as her fake breasts say it all. There is so much silicon filling in her body that her breasts can be heard screaming that they are plastic. Now that she has become the owner of what are the most searched for breasts in the history of Western media, she needs to make that plastic look a bit real (The Times of India, 2008).

Mainstream porn stars

Jenna Jameson does not need an introduction as porn star, however, she does need to be introduced as a business woman who now owns a business worth of $30 million. She was known as the Queen of Porn and pornography is where she earned this amount of money. She is also the co-founder of the Pornography Company that is called ClubJenna.

This online company was founded in 2000. She is not famous just because of her porn videos but also because she started writing diaries and she started providing advices on relationships. Moreover, she was also seen giving tips on stocks. Eventually, this internet company became a multimedia Pornographic website that uploaded adult films in which Jenna also starred in the beginning where she joined other porn stars. Most of her videos are seen with women, there are only a few of them that she has shot with her male co-actors.

In 2005, an interactive website was developed by her that was called the Club Thrust for gay men. This was a website that provided videos, gossip and other such stuff for gay people. Later on she became the co-owner of Babes Cabaret in the same year. This was nothing else but a strip club located in Arizona. Even though, she had to face a great deal of objection on the initiation of this strip club, but after she started a petition, she was given the right to run in the normal manner like she was before. Jenna and Gardina were hired as executives of Playboy… [END OF PREVIEW]

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