Port of San Diego Port Improvement Plan PIP Chapter

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¶ … port of San Diego was opened on December 18, 1962. With the port being one of the United States' top 30 American containership ports, it has fast become an area of interest in regards to improvement and modification. Being the main port of entrance for companies like Isuzu, Acura, Nissa, Mitsubihi Fuso, and other international car brands, it also shares a two-decade long lease with the Dole Food Company, transporting most of America's banana crop. It is governed by a Board of Port Commissioners, seven in total and conducts its daily processes under the supervision of the Executive Director.

The port of San Diego has a mission of improving the community along with providing vitality and a balanced approach to the various roles the port plays to the public and commerce. "Diego Unified Port District will protect the Tidelands Trust resources by providing economic vitality and community benefit through a balanced approach to maritime industry, tourism, water and land recreation, environmental stewardship and public safety" (Port of San Diego, 2015). While the official website does not have figures in terms of number of employees or suppliers, it does have various projects lined up to improve the condition of the port and potential tourist and business activity. Continual improvement, especially in regards to tourist attraction, makes it the main strength of the port and its ongoing desire to improve and cultivate culture within the area.

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A brief background on the port from its precise plan concept states the area near to the Port Tidelands, since the 1930's has been zoned for manufacturing meaning older industrial activities presently dominate. Therefore, some problems in relation to land use stem from a major shortage of overall space in where existing port-associated industries may expand and newer maritime industries may instead be accommodated. Things like parking areas and residents for more park use create complications and a greater need to clear and redevelop those areas that are incompatible with current need. Therefore, the port has now put its focus on newer developments.

TOPIC: Chapter on Port of San Diego Port Improvement Plan PIP Assignment

During its monthly meeting on April 10, 2012, Commissioners voted 6-0, with Commissioner Lee Burdick absent, to approve a list of pier improvements. They were briefed on the proposed improvements, which include additional lighting, flag poles, benches with planter boxes, table seating at the edge of the pier and bronze markers charting the history of the pier, which was built in 1913 (Moreno, 2015).

The developments at the port coincide with development of hotels and possible tourist attraction or place of interest. "…with the Port to develop the majority of the site into a 400-room, dual-branded hotel in a single building on the northern portion of the site fronting Pacific Highway and an approximately 2-acre public park on the western portion fronting Harbor Drive" (Port of San Diego, 2015). This means the much needed increase in parking and development for recreational purposes has come to fruition in recent years.

The port's overall strategic goals consist of reinvigorating the occupied land and developing areas that the needs of the residents and future businesses. Things like hotels and even public art development will allow for greater satisfaction among the public (residents and visitors) and businesses (hotels and tourist attractions). Projects as art enhancement is just one of the many ways the port decided to improve their cultural appeal within the area. "The Port of San Diego continues to enhance the waterfront of San Diego Bay with public art. The next installation will be seamlessly integrated into the Lane Field North hotel project with structural art walls that will wrap around an above-ground parking garage" (Kuhney, 2015).

The reimagining of the port to suit needs that are more diverse is a great strength of the port. Without this, the port faced a lack… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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