Portfolio Management Software for E-Government and How to Secure the Connection Capstone Project

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¶ … initiatives require bold solutions, and the Abu Dhabi Plan for 2030 represents an excellent opportunity to provide timely and cost-effective solutions that will help achieve the visionary goals of the Government's leadership, past and present. The Plan requires the Urban Planning Council to oversee the management of the Plan and ensure it remains on schedule and on budget. Beyond these fundamental needs, a number of other priorities have been incorporated into the overall Plan, making project management a particularly challenging enterprise. Moreover, because of the sensitivity of the performance data that is involved, it is vitally important that collaboration between affected stakeholders remains secure. Conventional approaches such as telephonic, postal or emailed exchanges are all vulnerable to delay and misinterpretation at best and compromise by others at worst. Therefore, the secure communications network envisioned in this study represents a useful framework in which to provide key stakeholders with access to the information they need when they need it, as well as providing varying levels of access to the system depending on specific user credentials and requirements. A summary of the research and important findings are presented in the concluding chapter, together with recommendations for future studies.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

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Purpose of Study

Importance of Study

Objectives of the Study

Scope of Study

Rationale of Study

Overview of Study

Chapter 2: Review of Related Literature

Chapter 3: Methodology

Data Collection


Technical Information

Chapter 4: Results

Failure Analysis

Safety Analysis

Chapter 5: Discussion

TOPIC: Capstone Project on Portfolio Management Software for E-Government and How to Secure the Connection Assignment

Chapter 6: Conclusion, Recommendations and Future Research Suggestions

Table 1. Types of information security attacks

Table 2. Identifying relevant project performance metrics for the secure communications network

Table 3. Representative commercial software applications for PPM secure collaboration and data sharing

Table 4. Components of the solution's System Security Plan

Table 5. Risk assessment of Abu Dhabi's information technology resources

List of Figures

Figure 1. Conceptual design of the capital district looking southeast in Plan 2030

Figure 2. Project flow pursuant to Plan Abu Dhabi 2030: Urban Structure

Framework Plan

Security Considerations in Portfolio Project Management Software for e-Government Applications

Chapter 1: Introduction

Recently, the Government of Abu Dhabi announced its ambitious Plan Abu Dhabi 2030: Urban Structure Framework Plan, representing a comprehensive plan for the development of the city of Abu Dhabi in coming years. This overarching plan is intended to guide the planning and decision-making process for policymakers for the coming decades. In addition, the Government of Abu Dhabi also announced the establishment of a new Urban Planning Council that is tasked with the oversight of the plan's implementation as well as the additional development of the corresponding urban planning policy (Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, 2010). The promotional literature for the plan states that the initiative was created in response to the vision of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, based on the need to continue the achievement of the grand design originated by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan as well as to respond to the needs of the dynamic Abu Dhabi in its expanding role as a global capital city (Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, 2010). The Plan contains ten policy statements that contain relevant specifications for a wide range of specific project performance measures, including land uses, building heights and transportation plans; these ten policy statements articulate the Government's goals for the entire metropolitan area of Abu Dhabi pursuant to the Plan. By 2030, the Plan projects the city's population to increase to more than 3,000,000 residents. In response to this growth, the Plan also includes provisions for expanded new areas of Emirati housing that are based on traditional family structures of local communities; in addition, a wide range of housing alternatives at differing price ranges is being integrated as a priority for the Plan as shown in Figure __ below (Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, 2010).

Figure 1. Conceptual design of the capital district looking southeast in Plan 2030

Source: Urban Structure Framework Plan, 2010 at http://gsec.abudhabi.ae/Sites/GSEC/Content/EN/PDF/Publications/plan-abu-dhabi-mandate-and-executive-summary, property=pdf.pdf

The ambitious plans articulated in Plan 2030 are being implemented during a period in the city's development that is also characterized by significant events in the marketplace that may introduce some constraints to progress or otherwise affect the management of the project. For example, in his description of the Plan, Williams emphasizes that, "Being a net lender rather than a borrower has enabled Abu Dhabi to cushion its economy against the global recession. Despite all these great fundamentals to show Abu Dhabi as the perfect place to invest, there will be the worry amongst property investors that it will jump on the bandwagon, creating an over-supply of property and little thought to its development plan" (2009, p. 30). On the one hand, the Plan was formulated in large part to respond to these marketplace forces. In this regard, Williams notes that, "Dubai has experienced an over-supply of property, causing prices to freefall in a recession whilst its citizens can do nothing but sit in traffic on Sheikh Zayed road and watch. Investors will be cautious that they are not caught out again; because Abu Dhabi helped fund a large part of Dubai's construction boom, though, they have sat back and made notes as the skyscrapers penetrated the clouds. The result has been the creation of Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, a grand master plan dictating the development of Abu Dhabi city in considerable detail" (Williams, 2009, p. 30). On the other hand, though, even the bold vision articulated in the Plan may not be adequate to meet the city's current, short- and long-term needs. For example, Williams adds that, "Despite projections that the population of Abu Dhabi will rise from more than one million to more than three million by 2030, the city of Abu Dhabi is being built to incorporate expected demand; however, developers cannot build fast enough to meet demands of the current growing population, never mind those that are expected to call Abu Dhabi their home in 2030" (2009, p. 30). The high priority assigned by the Central Government to the Plan's success is also made clear by this authority: "Developments are restricted, making over-supply virtually impossible. Developers do not have a free rein of where and how much to build, the plans are meticulous, building work remains on schedule no matter the global economy. Furthermore, $200 billion is being spent to ensure the infrastructure is built first" (Williams, 2009). Given the enormity of the investments that are involved, it is important to identify opportunities to facilitate the management of the project. Therefore, to realize the goals of Plan Abu Dhabi 2030: Urban Structure Framework Plan, though, it is vitally important for the project's leadership and engineering teams to have access to a collaborative project management system that ensures sufficient information security, a need that directly relates to the issue considered in this study which is discussed further below.

Statement of the Problem

The project idea consists of enhancement unified portfolio management software with project management application for all Abu Dhabi government entities that will address the relevant security issues that are involved. Although these security considerations differ from stakeholder to stakeholder, a good example of what types of sensitive information is involved concerns the budgetary data used for Portfolio Project Management applications. In this case, at the beginning of every year Department of Finance (DOF) issue yearly budget for all Abu Dhabi government upon their needs to fund their projects on the plan for each year. Before issuing the budget each government propose their project to the Executive Council in order to study the projects and approve its budget upon the need of Abu Dhabi Government. (Note: Entities on the government propose their projects on papers and electronic copy on CD that means no security of the information especially if it's military information). Once the idea is approved by the Executive Council the case will be forwarded to the Department of Finance (DOF) in order to issue the budget. After that Executive Council & Department of Finance (DOF) they follow the project statues by asking the owner of the project to submit reports about the project statues.

Purpose of Study

Upon what we had described about the manual work we want to build unified software and secure it to help Abu Dhabi government representative by Executive Council to study the projects, follow up them through one system by one click. However it helps them saving money from waste. For example Abu Dhabi municipality is working on AL Salam Street, they build the infrastructure and they specify their needs from the equipment; at the same time Etisalat would like to connect Fiber Cable on that area. Instead of waiting to complete AL Salam Street to be done from work, Etisalat will be working in parallel with municipality without crash the infrastructure again. Also using the same material; by building this technology we allow the decision maker to see the requirement from each project… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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