Positive Affects of Video Games Term Paper

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Positive Effects of Video Games

Despite a culture that video games are immoral, they assist in positive development in children and teenagers.

Video games promote higher levels in thinking.

Playing video games by children helps in development of socio-emotional characters.

Video games helps in managing of frustrations in young children in s controlled environment.

Video gaming improves confidence in children who would rather have remained dormant, hence included as a therapy for such children.

Positive Effects of Video Games

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It is clear that for a long time, video gaming has remained sophisticated and a demanding task for the participants. Nevertheless, many participants have been having much interest to learn them and eventually enjoy playing them. In addition, the companies that develop these games have not gone broke. This sprouts out questions about the positive impacts of video games, especially in young children. No worry because I strongly believe they are there. Currently, there is a circulating culture about video games that is widely held but with a false notion about video games. That is, video games are typically dangerous and unfit for children and teenagers as they promote violence and other bad characters. It is thus from the obvious nature of video games that many people regard them as impolite and offensive, against social values, as well as source of violent characters whenever children and teenagers involve in video game playing. Unfortunately, this culture is not shared by majority of psychologists and children experts as they suppose that there exist positive effects about video games to not only children, but also adults (Vorderer, and Bryant 336). Despite a culture that video games are immoral, they assist in positive development in children and teenagers.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Positive Affects of Video Games Assignment

Majority of psychologists and child experts believe that children who get involved in playing video games are enhancing their chances in promoting a higher level of their thinking (mental capabilities). This is because for instance considering a child that is playing an online video game; the child will require abstract reasoning skills so as to be successful in playing that particular game. In addition, the child will benefit in developing essential skills for survival such as resource management, multitasking and most important real-time thinking. These games demand from the child that he/she has proper developed hand-eye coordination, spatial sense, and calculating skills, skills mostly needed for survival. Moreover, the searching or seeking as well as the battles that are found in the online video games have their positive contribution to children developing (Vorderer, and Bryant 337). This is by, as the child is playing the game, they are supposed to be in control and direct the movements of a particular character in the game. For this to be successful the child has to posses an appropriate coordination and at the same time, have the capacity to make fast and accurate decisions. The memory expertise and organization are cumulatively developing in this child as they continue to participate in the games, and finally finish their tasks. Concerning the logic, the child will benefit from the video games in terms of developing better mathematics expertise and reading capabilities as well as have the motivation to remain determined all through the process to finally achieve their goals (Robers, "positive effects of video games on children"); this would not be so without the impact of video games. Therefore, all the participants including the adults can benefit from not only the enhanced logic reasoning, but also the manual part of it, that is through faster coordination of thought and action.

Apart from the promotion of higher thinking capacities, video games also helps in development of the socio-emotional characters in the children and teenagers. It is obvious that many children will involve a close family member if not a friend when playing a video game in one way or another. With regard to this statement, children are able to learn better cooperation, combined action, and leadership characters when they are able to finish a task in company of other accomplices. In this case, their a continual strengthening of the social bonding within the group showing how the fast evolving technology is contributing positively in an industry regarded as a bad influence to the young children. In addition, as the bonding with their close associates… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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