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¶ … Positive Effects of Taking Vitamins

Requirement of the 13 essential vitamin sie. "Vitamin a, C, D, K, B1 (Thiamine, B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), Panthothenic acid, Biotin, B6, B12 and Flic acid" are indispensable for the body to function. There are two categories of vitamins viz. fat-soluble vitamins that are stored in the fatty tissue of the body, whereas water-soluble vitamins should be immediately utilized by the body. Any form of 'residual water-soluble vitamins' are being excreted by the body by means of urine. However, the only water-soluble vitamin which is capable of being stored in the liver for several years is Vitamin B12. There are specific functions of every Vitamin and its deficiency leads to problems in health if sufficient supply of that particular vitamin is not received by the body. (Vitamins Information on Healthline) Thesis statement: The idea that consuming a diet which is proper and balanced would assure liberty from deficiencies relating to nutrition has given way to a new concept in mainstream medical science of daily vitamin intake for evading the risk of onset of serious chronic diseases - the view which is also reinforced by genetic nutrition or nutrigenomics.

Why Vitamins are indispensable:

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Nutritional deficiencies occur in people which are unable to be remedied by normal balanced intake of diet, are generally defined as vitamin deficiencies. It is also surprising as to why in the era of supposedly nutritional profusion and nutritional reinforcement of foods, there are a lot of people who appear to react to Vitamin B as supplements. appears that there is difference among individuals as regards their potentiality to extract from their diet these vitamins. Further it is important to note that there are several persons in a society who might be suffering from a shortage of a particular B. vitamin, not merely due to insufficient dietary intake, but instead of their metabolism builds a high requirement for these nutrients. (Vitamin B Deficiency: Megavitamin Therapy, Side Effects and Allergic reactions)

Term Paper on For the Positive Effects of Taking Vitamins Assignment

It is assumed that vitamin deficiencies might be due to an to adapt to their physiologically activated types, or because of the irregularities of absorption in the intestines, storage of tissue, binding of protein, transport of plasma, removal of wastes from the body. These are examples of wasteful utilization of Vitamin B, especially mal-absorption that is observed as the root cause. Sometimes the correction of these categories of these vitamin deficiencies is exclusively attained by the application of megavitamin treatment which is differently known as orthomolecular nutrition. Megavitamin therapy aims at compensating this ineptness in metabolism of Vitamins and makes sure that the or ideal, but never unnecessary, amount of nutrient is transported to each and every cell inside the body in which they are required. Hence, vitamin is administered in high doses so as to get this condition of ideal cellular nutrition. When administered in the proper fashion, there are no possibilities of negative effects arising from toxic doses. (Vitamin B Deficiency: Megavitamin Therapy, Side Effects and Allergic reactions)

It is generally considered that the B. complex vitamin group comprised of "B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacinamide), B5(panthotenic acid) and B6 (pyridonxine)" have a synergetic effect and to extract its positive effect, it must be consumed together in a balanced form. As per Melton, in a test, even

16 among the patients suffering from asthma were given treatment of 50-100 mg of injection of B3 vitamins, felt a considerable betterment with regard to their asthma symptoms. Imbalance reactions, even if they happen, they could happen inside the body, which implies, following the absorption of the vitamins, it ought to be that it is the assimilated dose of these vitamins that are required for balancing and not the dose which is given orally. (Vitamin B Deficiency: Megavitamin Therapy, Side Effects and Allergic reactions)

According to recent advances in biochemical arena, the principle of biochemical individuality initiated by Roger Williams holds importance. According to him, the efficacy relating to the assimilation of the nutrient and the nutrient's metabolism fluctuate to a great degree, even so in people who are normal from the medical point-of-view. Considering the odds that some B. Vitamins are never absorbed in an efficient manner in individuals, matters are apparent these individuals could deficiencies in nutrition that are not possible for remedy through methods of dietary intake. Since these types of instances will entail a flaw in metabolism of vitamin; chances might be present of a genetic impact. in case the fact is accepted that its is the assimilated quantity of Vitamin B that is required to be balanced, a possibility is also there that such type of individuals might fail to react favorably to B. complex doses of balanced quantities as regards oral doses are concerned. The precision of the path- breaking research undertaken by Roger Williams, Linus Pauling, and others, maybe finally recognized by medicine in the modern era as they realize that a lot individuals might be experiencing severe diseases that are because of incapability to receive best possible quantities of nutrients from their diet. (Vitamin B Deficiency: Megavitamin Therapy, Side Effects and Allergic reactions) infections in case of certain individuals. The new concept in mainstream medicine and nutrition holds the view that low chronic deficiencies in nutrition that fails detection through medical tests, might be extremely usual and might be responsible for severe chronic diseases. (Vitamin B Deficiency: Megavitamin Therapy, Side Effects and Allergic reactions)

Some examples and observations:

The report of WebMD Medical News in its June 19, 2000 report advocated the administration of high doses of Vitamin C for prevention of heart disease, cancer and other disorders. It is a fact that Vitamin C is considered to be a strong antioxidant which soaks up free radicals i.e. The poisonous elements in our bodies which could be produced through 'chemotherapy agents' for destruction of cancer cells'. Previous research conduced by Dr. Golde and his associates confirmed the that particular 'glucose transporter molecules' helps in carrying

Vitamin C into the cells'. happens the moment Vitamin C is utilized by the cells in the shape of ascorbic acid, is transformed into 'dehydroascorbic acid' and carried inside the cell. When the vitamin gets inside, it is changed back into 'ascorbic acid'. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that is capable of reacting with damaging oxygen free radicals. Vitamin C is association with Vitamin E raises the impact of Vitamin E (Do herbs, Vitamins and antioxidants adversely affect cancer therapies)

According to the researchers, the antioxidant treatment mechanism through the use of vitamins offsets and has the possibility to avert injury of oxygen free radical and raise blood flow to the injured cells of patients having chronic radiation proctitis. For example, patients in the study comprising of 10 persons of each sex with chronic proctitis were administered one dose of 400 IU vitamin E tablet along with one dose of 500 mg Vitamin C capsules thrice daily for the next eight weeks. Post administration of the vitamins, it was observed that the patients displayed lower bleeding, diarrhea following consumption of the vitamins. It was observed that in 13 of the cases, the subjects were leading better lifestyles, inclusive of 7 of them who absolutely became normal. Each of the 10 patients who were evaluated after a year stated a marked betterment in their symptoms while they were still continuing with their vitamin doses. (Do herbs, Vitamins and antioxidants adversely affect cancer therapies)

Another example can be cited where 96 independently residing healthy elderly people were chosen to either get daily maintenance vitamin supplementation or a placebo. The status of nutrition and immunologic variables were evaluated and following the elapse of 12 months, the occurrence of sickness due to infection was determined. It was observed that group which received supplement had greater number of some T-Cell subsets and natural killer cells, higher proliferation reaction to mitogen, higher interleukin-2 generation, and increased antibody response and natural killer cell activity. These subjects had lower possibility compared to the placebo group to contract illness because of infection which was 23 days as against 48 days annually. (the Health of the Naturopath: Vitamin Supplementation and Psychologic State)

Hence, it was concluded that administering vitamin supplement with low physiologic quantities of micro- nutrients enhanced immunity and lowered the dangers of infection in elderly people. In a later double-blind, placebo controlled research, 35 healthier, non-institutional old aged people were again given multivitamin vis-a-vis placebo supplementation. It was observed by Pike and Chandra that administering micro-nutrients can contribute in a significant manner in the upkeep of usual immune function among the elderly subjects. Therefore, in these studies, a latest survey of food consumption undertaken by the USDA, it reported that merely 1% of the Americans fulfill the basic minimum standards of dietary sufficiency. (the Health of the Naturopath: Vitamin Supplementation and Psychologic State)

Role of Vitamins in reducing health problems:

lot of people have experienced that after consumption… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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