Positive and Negative Engineering Summary Term Paper

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The author calls this a mixed system.

The author proposes a mixed system, which would limit the power of decision-makers to a power of veto. This system would essentially be a combination of parental initiative and central veto, and the author states that this type of system would be the best possible option for the decision-making involved in positive engineering. The mixed system eliminates worries about genetic changes being controlled by a few powerful people with limited scope. However, a general anxiety remains as to the values that would be utilized in making these decisions. Furthermore, the deepest resistance is based in values, and the question of whether parents have the right to create one type of person over another.

The author asks how we can be sure that it is better for one person to be born rather than another?

A lack of foresight is one of the most prominent dangers when it comes to positive engineering, regardless of how decisions are made. The possibility of disaster is a real danger, which is a strong argument against positive engineering. The author stresses the necessity for caution, and that the benefits must outweigh the risksDownload full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Positive and Negative Engineering Summary Assignment

The author suggests that the resistances discussed toward positive engineering do not justify a complete rejection of the idea. The practice of caution, decentralized decision-making, and the avoidance of positive engineering in authoritarian societies are discussed as critical elements for the use of this gene-altering process. Human nature element underlying the issue, and the author discusses whether or not it is necessary or acceptable to preserve human nature in its current state.
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