Positive and Negative Impacts Essay

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(Surhan, 2002)

It is quite evident that genetic engineering has various pros and cons. We should be careful that the moral issues related to the genetic engineering shall be given more priority rather than the constructive and economic issues. The developed countries should also try to have a control on the activities of this field so that they might not get hazardous for the society and the environment. (Surhan, 2002)


The world was surprised to see the cloning of a sheep from a single cell of an adult sheep. In this process of cloning an adult mammal's nucleus (of a cell) is inserted into an enucleated ovum. As a result an embryo develops which completes the genetic code from which the nucleus that was being inserted in the first stage was obtained. But people and the researchers were horrified by the fact that if a mammal can be cloned then it is quite possible that a human being can be cloned as well. (Brock, 2009)

Advantages of Cloning

Human cloning would enable the women who do not have an ovary and men who do not have a sperm to have a child who would be their own. In other words, human cloning would lead towards a relieve in infertility. (Brock, 2009)

It would also enable the people, who might have a risk of transmitting a heredity disease, a hazardous disease or a harmful condition to the baby, to reproduce. Though, sperm donation is also an alternative for such people but people might not find it acceptable. (Brock, 2009)

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Cloning enables the researchers to have advanced knowledge about various issues, especially human development. Though the development in this field is a bit uncertain but it promises to provide enhanced knowledge about various topics regarding the living beings. It would also allow new organs to grow naturally and this would enable the scientists to have a backup system for human beings. (Brock, 2009)

Disadvantages of Cloning

Essay on Positive and Negative Impacts of Assignment

Cloning is not a safe technique and it can be dangerous for the health of the cloned child and the surrogate mother. It has been reported by various studies that cloning can have a negative impact on the mother and the child. In animals, only 5% of the cases were successful and in the remaining cases the dead animal child were born. (Agarwal, 2010)

Apart from fatalities the some other issues such as premature aging, weakening of the immune systems and sudden deaths have also been reported in a number of cloned mammals. The cloned mammals are subjected to a number of health issues for the rest of their lives. (Agarwal, 2010)

Cloning is also accused of being unethical as most of the people think that in the process of cloning the scientist will ignore the barriers that are being set up by the nature. People believe that further advancements in cloning will make the scientists disregard the rules and principles that are being set up by the nature. (Agarwal, 2010)


Biology has played a significant role in the life of man. Its inventions continue to have an influential impact on the society and on human beings. Though, all these discoveries have some pros and cons but the concerned authorities are working to make these inventions safer and appropriate for human use.


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