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[. . .] Yet in medicine, the doctor, student, or researcher daily deals with the currently finite capacity of medicine to understand the full scope of the human body's ability to be penetrated by small viral intrusions, to be threatened by pathologies, viruses, bacteria, and the small and lager, and the visible and invisible instruments and intrusions that can cause death and disease.

Success for me has long been defined in terms of my academic success, of which I am proud. Yet despite my academic and cerebral credentials, despite working at the Mayo Clinic at present, and also volunteering at its gastrointestinal unit, I have yet to discover a cure for the ailments that strike the food system of the nation of India and others and cause malnutrition and starvation. Many wiser and older researchers and doctors than myself have labored in vain to discover the cure for cancers of the stomach and esophagus. Although I am proud of my successes in understanding, I am well aware of the failures of those more experienced than myself in my field of choice, and the frustrations I may encounter in my future studies in the medical field.

While working at the Mayo Clinic as a volunteer at GI Diagnostic Center I had to notify patients' family members and friends of patients in waiting area that the patients near and dear to them had completed often variously uncomfortable and undignified procedures. I was amazed, witnessing these patients in the recovery room, at their ability to bear up against physical discomfort, as well as their loved one's compassion and fortitude in giving them emotional aid during such a difficult time. I frequently visited patients in waiting area and assisted with history transport between procedure room and recovery room. The patient's emotional testimony was a success to me that I hope to replicate in the scientific realm when I become a doctor, as well as become successful in taking these lessons of strength learned not only to my studies and research but also the practice of medicine. [END OF PREVIEW]

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