Post Modernism: A Forced Impact Research Paper

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Students today are seen as competent small adults that can deal with divorce, drug addictions, violence, advertising, neglect and sometimes abuse. What at one time would have been irreproachable to change, students and society forced to change (Elkind, 1997 in: Richardson, nd).

It is stated of Postmodernism that it became "…an ideological and political marker for referencing a world without stability, where knowledge was constantly changing and change was the only constant." (Nesrin, nd) Aronowitz and Giroux (1991) examine the fact that most individuals believe that postmodernism is destructive in nature. The discourse of post modernism is such that asks "What is reality….what is right?" (Nesrin, nd) This is because "general ethical understandings and principle have lost their validity: source of ethical norms are now real conditions and requirements of time and age." (Nesrin, nd)

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Postmodern education in the work of Lyotzud means that knowledge "will not be a set of propositions, it will be means of how to live to listen thus how to learn. Shortly, knowledge wi1l be means of interpeting the reality and one's achieving his/her own rights. In such kind of an education, a group interaction enabling individual originality, diversity and imagination; a continuous dialogue aiming to reach targets by using means will be the base of education. Briefly, the main aim of this education is not to depend on a single right, single type of discourse but to create pluralist, participating education environments that are in search of new language systems and new interpretations. Post-Modernism as a response to the failure of the rationalist dream in the face of globalizing capitalism takes many forms. Its commonality seems to lie in the de-construction of realities and in the recognition of pluralism without recourse to calling the alternatives to the master narrative false consciousness, sin, error or absence of culture/civilization." (Nesrin, nd )


Research Paper on Post Modernism: A Forced Impact Assignment

Postmodernism marks the end of the traditional formulation of education and curricular matter. Postmodernism acknowledges the role and importance of technology in learning and in fact holds that learning is no longer based on subject matter but due to the ever changing and growing base of scientific knowledge in today's world that education is focused on how learning takes place and the tools that are utilized in learning or those of technological applications.

While it is held by many that Postmodernism is destructive in nature, in reality Postmodernism is adaptive and responsive in nature to the changes that have occurred in the world locally, nationally, and globally, all of which affect education methods, means and innovations. Postmodernism is not a change in itself but is rather a response to change or in other words, Postmodernism is not an 'action' but is more akin to a 'reaction' on the part of society, its' organizations and institutions to a broader view of learning that is not dependent upon local cultural and structural underpinnings and ideals but instead is formulated on the basis of scientific knowledge that is not static but very much vibrant and constantly and rapidly expanding.


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