Post-Tenure Review: A Research Design Thesis

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Post-Tenure Review: A Research Design

Post-tenure review is believed to be that, which serves as a mechanism to gauge the productivity of an individual, in this case, of faculty member with the end goal of encouraging sustained performance at this prime level (The Texas A&M University System, n.d.). The issue of post-tenure review has sparkled debates for quite some time now with three directions of contentions: one which says that leave the post-tenure review as is, another claiming that review policy should be maintained but make necessary changes, while the last in contention argues that it should be scrapped altogether. Surrounding this contention are the following issues: the need to evaluate faculty performance, the need to update the review processes and make it more relevant, and an adamant take on post-tenure review because of problems with implementation (Licata & Morreale, 2006) .

It is in this light that I am proposing a study on the views of school members on post-tenure review. Specifically, this study will be aiming at the identification of post-tenure review sentiments not only of faculty members and administrators but also of the students as well as they are big stakeholders in educational institutions and consequently of issues surrounding them.

The Research Design and Methods

The research is descriptive in gathering, analyzing, and interpreting primary data through research methods in order to provide a general description of the views of the major education players regarding post-tenure review.

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The quantitative research design shall be used, particularly the cross-sectional design often identify with survey research. A random sample will be chosen and asked about their backgrounds and attitudes towards post-tenure review. As this design allow for the examination of relationships between certain properties and dispositions (Nachmias & Nachmias, 1996), this design is deemed appropriate for the research objective.

Variables and Measures

TOPIC: Thesis on Post-Tenure Review: A Research Design Post-Tenure Review Assignment

The primary unit of analysis in this study would be individual respondents belonging to one of the ff group: faculty, school administrations, and students.

The primary measure to be investigated would be the disposition and attitude toward post-tenure review to be correlated with individual profile, past experiences, and beliefs/views on education.

Sampling Scheme

To be able to achieve a generalized view on post-tenure review, a particular city will be chosen… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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