Post Ww Ll Intelligence Failure Essay

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Post WWII intelligence failure

9/11 Terrorist Attack

The aspect of terrorism had been in existence from time immemorial and there had been other acts of terrorism elsewhere across the globe. The U.S.A. had heard of them but had not contemplated the possibility of being a target. The U.S. was caught by surprise when multiple attacks were targeted at the U.S.A. And instead of a proactive approach to terrorism; the U.S.A. was pushed to defense and used a reactionary approach to the terrorism acts. The 9/11 was an event that changed the pattern and face of the U.S.A. approach towards terrorism forever. Evidently it was the act that led the U.S. To engage in foreign military activities thereafter in the name of flushing out terrorists, the first one of the kind after the WWII. What followed the 9/11 attacks was a heavy deployment of the army to the Middle East countries where the terrorist organizations were established to be using as their hideouts. The epitome of the operations was the near incapacitation of the Al Qaeda organization and the killing of their kingpin, Osama Bin Laden. The security lapse and the persistent ignorance of the warnings of potential terrorism attacks was the flood gate to the attacks that rocked the U.S.A. And the entire world indeed.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Post Ww Ll Intelligence Failure Assignment

In retrospect, the U.S.A. might have neglected the terrorism threat on itself fro far too long. It is common knowledge that the attack of the .magnitude of the 9/11 that targeted multiple targets with multiple planes was not an event that was organized in a haphazard manner but was a product of intricate planning over years, with pretests that the terrorists used to be able to successfully find their way to through the U.S.A. security system. As early as 1994, newspapers like the New York Times had already reported the possibility of Osama using civilian planes to attack the aviation industry land the two jetliners that had been hijacked in 1994 with the intention of crashing them into buildings though that never happened. Indeed, even before that, Doug Menarchik was assigned to research on the possibility of planes being used as bombs and the report he came up with was astonishing with details that could not be published to the public domain, it suggested that there is a real possibility of planes being used as bombs (Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, 2002).

Nafeez also indicates that there were several intelligence information that the security agencies had about an impending attack in a few weeks time as early as July and the various security agencies from the coast guards to federal aviation administration, immigration, customs, the FBI and even the naturalization services were duly briefed and asked to be on the alert and all the intelligence authorities were expecting the attack. These agencies however never did enough in terms of strengthening the security measures at the entrance points into the U.S.A. And monitoring of the suspects hitherto on the list. There was little information or communication with the public as well.

Apart from the activities at the home ground, the various activities abroad were enough indicators that some day the attack would reach the U.S.A. without any doubt. This is due to the terrorist attacks against the U.S.A. friendly countries and the U.S.A. embassies and establishment that were abroad. Among the outstanding examples are the 1998 attack on Kenya and Tanzania that were twin attacks, with a Uganda attack botched on the same day all directed at the U.S.A. friendly countries and specifically at USA embassies. These are just a few of the examples that were a pointer that some day the terrorists were to arrive to the heart of their target, the U.S.A.

There are various issues that if implemented could have helped the U.S.A. avert the 9/11 attack and saved lives. It is true that there were sophisticated intelligence activities that were… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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