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¶ … conflicts between Arabs and the Israelis in the Middle East. Specifically, it will discuss the conflicts in the Middle East, and answer some questions about my vision of forging a lasting peace in the area. The Arab-Israeli conflicts began almost as soon as the Israelis settled in the new nation of Israel after World War II, and they have continued throughout modern-day history. These conflicts are harmful, debilitating, and do nothing to promote a lasting understanding and peace between nations and people. It is a difficult situation, and even some of the strongest world leaders have not been able to find a lasting solution. Perhaps there are so many differences between these two groups that a lasting and viable peace is simply not possible.

If I was a strong world leader I would hope that the Arabs and Israelis could work together to solve their differences and world for a lasting peace. I would try to point out the similarities they have, rather than the differences. I would also try to make them see that their wars are not just Middle East affairs, but they really involve the entire world. Because the United States supports Israel, we are on the list of "infidels" for the Arab world, and so, we pay, and so does Israel. This is not right, and is seems to go against much of the teachings of both the Bible and the Koran.

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I think that Israel and the Arabs need to see also how the wars affect the other side, one-on-one. I think that if single Arabs and Israelis could meet, they would understand each other better, and perhaps see each other in a new light. An Israeli mother who lost a son to the war could meet with an Arabic woman who lost a son. They would soon see they have many common bonds, and that the wars have touched each of them equally. One mother is no better than another is, and seeing each other in this light might help break down barriers and create strong bonds.

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Perhaps the only other course of action that might draw some results are some kind of sanctions or "blockade" that would make life so difficult for the Arabs and Israelis that they would be forced to come to some sort of an agreement. Perhaps and embargo on supplies and gas and oil, or some other form of sanction against the countries, such as not accepting their trade items, would create such a problem in their country that they would have to sit down and consider a lasting peace. I do not know how that would work, and if the world powers could agree to create sanctions that would be upheld by more than simply the United States. This would be extremely difficult, and some people might see it as cruel, but it does seem like another way to attempt to forge a peace in the area.

I would choose my course of action because many things have already been tried and have failed in the Middle East peace process. It seems that the entire group of nations cannot get together, but perhaps smaller groups could reach some kind of accord that would then spread and become the normal situation. I do not think the residents enjoy the constant conflict, but neither side is willing to give in and capitulate to the others' needs and wants. I also do not think that an outsider, like a powerful world leader, has the power to sway opinion in the Middle East. For the most part, the two sides often seem to resent meddling or outside intervention, and so, they might not welcome the advances of a powerful world leader, even if the intent was nothing but honest and good. One Middle East expert notes, "The roles external actors play in the Arab-Israeli conflict are thus complex, all the more so because the regional actors have their own interests and do not readily accept diktats from outside" (Spiegel 183). Therefore, it is not clear if even the most admired world leader could actually make a difference in the Middle East peace process - they need to work it out by themselves.

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