Essay: Poverty and Its Effect

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[. . .] Conclusion

Several important themes emerged from the review of the relevant literature. In the first place, it quickly became clear that despite significant progress in recent years, there remains a severe and widespread lack of access to clean and sufficient supplies of drink water for more than one billion people today. A second theme that emerged from the research was the cost effectiveness of clean-water initiatives, even for the rural regions that are most severely afflicted by clean water shortages, making this an attractive target for substantial investment on the part of the private and public sectors. Finally, it also became clear that more can and should be done today in order to address the urgent and compelling needs of hundreds of millions of women and children who must rely on unsafe drinking water while much of the rest of the world's population enjoys clean water piped directly to their homes. Unfortunately, the research also showed that in what has been termed a "silent emergency," more must be done to educate the Western world concerning the plight of these disadvantaged people in sub-Saharan Africa so that the policymakers in these countries will receive the popular support needed for any investments of scarce taxpayer resources during a period of global economic downturn. In sum, like poverty everywhere, while most of the world's population enjoys a hot bath at night and takes clean drinking water for granted, the clean drinking water and sanitation needs of hundreds of millions of people, mostly women and children, remain out of sight and out of mind.


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