Poverty in Zaire 'The Democratic Term Paper

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Life expectancy is only forty-five for both men and women and has in fact lowered slightly over the past several years. Other indicators of poverty such as: infant mortality and fertility rate are also among the highest, or worst, in the already poor continent. Four percent of the population has HIV, and literacy rates are so low that statistics are unavailable. While the citizens of the democratic Republic of Congo suffer, their leaders have prospered immensely. Poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo is therefore a political issue. Moreover, the nation cannot expect much help from outside sources. Like many underdeveloped and poor nations, the Democratic Republic of Congo is severely indebted to creditor nations: the value of the debt according to the World Bank in 2003 was $7.8 billion.

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Poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo is a deep-rooted problem that requires long-term, long-range and visionary solutions. While aid does come in from international organizations, it is not enough. Something must be done to curb the political corruption that has ravaged the nation since its independence from Belgium. In addition to a total political transformation of the nation, care must be taken to provide for the immediate needs of the people: for land, food, shelter, and clothing. Education is also a major factor in the renewal of nations like Zaire, which have high illiteracy rates. Education means empowerment. In a country as rich in natural resources and land mass as the democratic Republic of Congo, poverty should become a vestige of the past. Among potential solutions include increasing funding for infrastructures that would promote local development, small business growth, tourism, Internet usage, and farming cooperatives. The Democratic Republic of Congo has the potential to be a wealthy African nation, given its abundance of natural resources, but internal division prevents such an ideal from becoming real. While interventionism is often a distasteful and imbalanced means to help nations like the democratic Republic of Congo, some forms of intervention, and debt relief, are absolutely necessary.

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