Power of Goodness in 1001 Research Paper

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Since everything happens because of his will it is safe to say that everything that happens is just. In other words, when something bad happens to a character, then the event is either a punishment or something which will have a long-term positive effect. It seems that the power of goodness is absolute (Richard, 63).

But, if everything happens because it is the will of Allah it results that the human freedom is limited. Freedom is therefore another important theme in the book, the freedom of women on the one hand and the one of the human being on the other one. It seems that both a quite limited and from this point-of-view we may consider this a very important philosophical conception which gives insight from an anthropological and cultural point-of-view.

Speaking of goodness and its power, it could be stated that Scheherazade, through her own good nature succeeds into transforming the king in a good person as well. Thus we have a series of actions which condition the ones which will follow. The king had been betrayed and became evil in order to turn good after the one thousand and one nights of stories told by his wife (Gerhardt, 63).

Reading between the lines we can see that Scheherazade actually wanted to make his husband understand what goodness really is (forgiveness, humility, justice, humanity, etc.). And the means which she has at her disposal is story telling. In this manner the story and the act of story telling become the theme of the tales, while the tone of the narrator is a moralizing one since he is omniscient (Richard, 63).

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Techniques such framing and patterning are used in other works as well, such ad the Divine Comedy or the Canterbury tales. The "One thousand and one nights" differ through the themes which are approached and the description of such numerous elements from Africa and the Middle East. The unusual things which occur are incarnations of the fight between good and evil and in the end it is goodness which wins.


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Research Paper on Power of Goodness in 1001 Assignment

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